Tuesday, December 29, 2020

to plant its balloon

                                                                                 Author: Annija Veldre
Image: Fly Me to the Planets (here)

The 10 of 12 given words:
trail fly up date words 
still cold late say change 

to set a trail to fly up 
to visit each of the planets 
to plant its balloon
each on an auspicious date 

reaching out in other words
to throw some light
to resolve life's mystery
still begging for an answer
a cold fact for a finality

say it is not too late in the day
to change the prevailing wisdom
that plagued mankind's thoughts
since time immemorial 
is there life in the universe?

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #488
Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #347

Saturday, December 26, 2020

living is lean in the year ahead

                                                                                                         Author: anon
Image: Lights to lead the Way (here)

The  10 of 12 given words: 
down path trees apart naked 
chased fields whisper lean silver  
contending to be well at ease
down the path with trees far apart
rather naked seeking out peace
with the plea of avoiding false starts

chased in the preceding year 
by the fields of confusion straying 
through the new normal in a whisper
into the pandemic without warning

living is lean in the year ahead
to forget all the surprises that rocked 
hoping for the normalcy of old instead
no resolutions to temper the shock

praying for a whimper of silver lining 
loss of life of jobs and broken homes 
but craving for answers in between
with hopes to let the imagination roam 

Chrissa's at Sunday Muse #140 - in between
MMT's Sunday Whirlgig Wordle #298

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

a shine that lights up the morning shadows

                                   Photo by cottonbro
Image: Dignified and of Regal Bearing (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
shine light morning gasp divine 
breathe sigh  follow show open

a shine that lights up the morning shadows  
to a gasp of delight of divine assertion
to breathe a sigh of relief that follows
never to show true feelings of dejection

a lovely lady dignified of regal stature
open to critique friendly in attitude
progressive in outlook tolerant by nature
a valuable find to keep in all gratitude

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle#487
Nekneeraj at MLMM's Photo Challenge #346

Saturday, December 19, 2020

the present is leading to despair

                                                                                              Picture: Laura Nyro
Image: Drowning her Sorrows  (here) 

the 10 of 12 given words:
seem fly stream swim present 
lean mouths trim after fire 

time seems to fly away
just as the stream glides fast
to swim the waters at play
is a thing of the past

the present is leading to despair
lean in outlook prospects a gamble
mouths to feed jobs getting rare
politics may head into a muddle

to trim down after-effects of division
among opinions of the elusive vaccine
is providing fire in the imagination 
hoping a happy solution is forthcoming

Fireblossom at Sunday Muse #139
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #486

Friday, December 11, 2020

strengths for all those blessed

                                                                                             Author: Basile Morin
Image: Benevolent Cloud Cover (here)

mysterious landscapes 
rise and unfold before my eyes 
worlds of clouds   -   Chevrefeuilles

mysterious landscapes 
juxtaposed in loud colors
a seeker's secret

rise and unfold before my eyes 
astound doubtful minds 
enticing scene

worlds of clouds
divine cover for fair-hearted souls
strengths for all those blessed

Bjorn's at d'Verse OLN #280
Chevrefeuilles' at Carpe Diem - a troiku
(only one troiku posted)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

large expanses transformed

Image: Barren Landscape of Melting Glaciers(here) 

to melt and be like a running brook 
that sings its melody to the night  (Gibran)

comes fast depriving nature's might
to melt and be like a running brook 
that sings its melody to the night                         
foraging asunder sans a second look

environment due for a drastic change
large expanses transformed affecting
life forms in a barren iceless  terrain
subdued facing rage of global warming

Laura's at d'Verse Poetics - stepping-off-the-sidewalk

Monday, December 7, 2020

Staying calm is a virtue

                                                                                                   Author:Michal Klajban
Image: Calm Day before Sunset (here)

the 11 given words:
yes type outside rhythm perfect 
swim down answer clump wall  
tirrivee  (tantrum) 

Reading what I have just written, I now believe in the sanctity of patience. Yes, it is a type good on the inside and reflects well on the outside. It maintains a rhythm to perfectly able to swim smoothly down the line Staying calm is a virtue not readily enjoyed nor bestowed on everyone. The answer is all stacked in the clump of bushes mixed but unruly and unplanned. 

Thinking twice before taking the plunge into deciding on issues is paying. To do things fast is to do them one thing at a time Not creating walls at every turn when finishing one item before proceeding to the next can avoid tirrivee. It is less necessary for corrections and time wastage is controlled to a minimum. It certainly is less stressful and It makes it well for maintaining some semblance of dignity for oneself  (144 words)

MLMM's with Wordle #218
Lillian's at d'Verse - some prosery cheer

Saturday, December 5, 2020

beauty of its weathered texture

                                                                                                                                  Author: anon
Image: The strength of old age (here)

old windows and old doors on old buildings
ubiquitously holding out tenaciously bidding
it's oak of old, sturdy strong materials being
replaced by new flimsy panels now seeing
but the beauty of its weathered texture 

much as the maturity of old citizens who 
braved out the debilitating forces of nature
to stake a claim of the privileged few 
under testing conditions to adequately prosper

such is the tenacity of the old and the aged
physically frail in a seemingly weakened frame
but strong in mind who surprisingly managed
to survive with their self-respect maintained
Carrie's at Sunday Muse #137

Friday, December 4, 2020

sustenance of unarmed combat

                                                                                 Author Николай Максимович
Image: Bruce Lee statue (here)

how he stood his grounds
and the music stopped for an eerie silence
enough for those expecting things to happen
but the music erupted again
accompanied by flashes  of red and orange
rays that plunged and rose again

sustenance of unarmed combat
highlighted by the grace of movements
this time error-free but in peaceful blue
with a sudden shriek of blood-curling shout
that stabbed the air hand in hand
with bluish-gray culminating in deathly black

it went a level higher in a melee weapons attack
such is the grace of poetry in motion
movements of ballet stature but of brute force
seen in a dance sequence of colors
Grace at d'Verse MTB - synesthesia

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

They say only the south wind flattens grass

                                                                                                                                                    Author:Oleg Oprisco
Image: What has happened?

10 of the 12 given words
after morning wall lead throw 
stories hold small want black 

after a strenuous hike up the mountains
the morning wind parts company
a blank wall separates the feelings

in open compartments but not enclosed
now they rest for a breather but a new normal
what transpired up there is not important
a tinge of sadness close to offering a lead 
the nearness of the warmth still being felt
a throwback to good times together

they say only the south wind flattens grass
stories can offer a glimmer of hope
hold your fire and start small
wants of relationships may dive down
but a roller-coaster will eventually
come to a stop on stable ground

black as the episode may have been
nothing like putting some colors back

Note: To write a poem with the title:
They say only the south wind flattens grass

Sarah's at d'Verse Poetics - travels in the wild
Image from MLMM's Photo Challenge #343
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #484 with the given words

Monday, November 30, 2020

makes for a disciplined mind

                                                                                                         Author Joseph Lazer
Image:  Confusion and time wastage (here)

never had it been declared
to abide by the rules 
self-imposed or otherwise
makes for a disciplined mind

restrictive in movements 
but just a little inconvenience 
for the returns are bountiful

better seen when not abiding
would result in unnecessary 
time and money wastage
(44 words)

Jade Li's at d'Verse Quadrille - abide

Sunday, November 29, 2020

submerged in murky waters unperturbed

                                                                                          Attribution: anon
Image: Water acrobatics (here)

11 of 12 given words:
ice obstinate murky  garble drama quite 
surrender lighthouse bestow crumble spills 

ice-cold but am I being obstinate
submerged in murky waters unperturbed
no way to communicate but garbled drama

am not quite rational in my thinking
to surrender to the pleadings 
of the lighthouse-keeper 
who is bent on entertaining visitors
to his abode recently bestowed with honor
and appreciation for having located
a vessel that crumbled on the rocks

I am now being asked to do spills and splits
in this glass cage in the absence 
of other forms of entertainment
after all the visitors having braved
the elements coming this far

Chrissa at Sunday Muse #136
MMT's Wordle $217

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

here I stand to dream the ultimate

                                                                                      Author Hunter Tober
Image:  Meant to Go Forward (here)
the 12 given words:
stand dream slip wonder hawk heat
hands shell push pillow call find

here I stand to dream the ultimate
lingering but not to let it slip by  
crying out loud for Heaven's wonder 
clawing for Nirvana's salvation

a hawk in my nature 
imploring to invoke the heat 
despite hands being empty 
eyes blindfolded but not enclosed 
in a shell so I'm still lethal 

not to push a pillow to my head 
I am called to find the strength 
to fight for my cause

Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #342
MMT's The Whirligig #294
Sanaa's at d'Verse OLN #279

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pleiades are of the mysterious 'seven' in the heavens

                                                                                      Author:Pablo Carlos Budassi
Image: The Pleiades star cluster as photographed 
by Pablo Carlos Budassi an amateur astronomer (here)

Pleiades are of the mysterious 'seven' in the heavens
Lie in a cluster but claimed by many in contention
Exopolitics believe they are off-world distant cousins to humans
Iroquois petition the constellation for happiness and salvation 
Assist humanity in spiritual transformation echoed the Pleiadians
Distinctive Nordic, appearance still in progress in evolutionary terms
Earth's closest cluster used cosmic distance ladder to plot distances 
Subaru took it upon themselves as their logo in  all permanence

Note: The Pleiades or the 'Seven Sisters' is a conspicuous cluster of stars in 
the constellation Taurus. In Greek mythology, these are the seven daughters 
of Titan Atlas and Oceanid Pleione who were turned into a group of stars. 

Hank chose the  ACROSTIC poem of PLEIADES 
with each letter starting the first word of subsequent lines

Laura's at d'Verse's Poetics - stars that count

Monday, November 23, 2020

caring reflects the tenderness

                                                                                                                User: RuneX2
Image:  A Mother's Love (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
reason thread life goddess reflect doorway
 savor message prove catalyst keep

There is no reason not to believe that the thread of life
lies in the hands of the mother. A goddess in her ways
of caring reflects the tenderness as nature has intended

Hank's cat gave birth recently. It is fun to watch its antics
One can detect the pull of motherly love. She may be going 
through the doorway or along the floor walking slowly but 
when she gets waylaid by the brood on the ground she 
would lie for them to savor the goodness of motherhood. 

The message is clear. The motherly instinct proves to be 
overwhelmingly strong as a catalyst to keep the progeny 
going for the next generation 

mothers invented
the world has not looked back but
is in awe of her

Kim's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday

Sunday, November 22, 2020

so don't blame me!

                                                                             Author: Justin Dingwall (here)
Image: Now I Know!

where is everybody?
the gate was left open
I gladly walked out
how careless can they be
but where is everybody? 
I thought the grass is greener
over this side

so don't blame me
it is a fattening time for Thanksgiving
is it a turkey or me?

I'm not going to stick 
- my neck out
- to find out
- count me out
- have to chill out
- I have to look out
for her
where is Little Bo-Peep?

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #135

the sincere feelings of togetherness

                                                                                                   Author: Benh LIEU SONG
Image: Contented, none to bother (here)

the 12 given words:
family mince tender wind road silver  
frill flow gratitude feed home finger  

family and friends 
are quick to understand
they do not mince their words 
tender as they are
the winds of change
belie their concern
they are on the road to discovery
the silver lining is apparent
but they are not to lose their senses

no frills need be invoked
just plain flow of gratitude
to feed home 
the sincere feelings of togetherness

not to put the finger 
unnecessarily into the pie
trying times beget unusual initiatives

these are trying times
tolerate the minor irritants
and things will fall into place

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #483

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

not to doubt but eyes could kill

Image: Innocence belie the wild (here)

attractive blue eyes rightfully at birth
acclaimed as the most beautiful therein
of eternal youth with the right to unearth
bestowed to groups of beauty with brains

Spanish eyes could heighten the desire
a peaceful calm on an undisturbed surface
of an expanse of water on a day so clear 
portent truthful and not likely debased
centrally befitting the strength of purpose
sensuous with sincerity to gracefully fulfill
bewitching almond pair aligning its worth
blessed be not to doubt but eyes could kill 

Mish at d'Verse Poetics - look into my eyes

Monday, November 16, 2020

a touch of class

                                                                                       User: Genghis Smith,
Image:  Alvin Kraenzlein, the Gold medal-winning 
hurdler at the 1900 Olympic Games (here)

the 12 given words:
allow touch soft lips affix serene 
voyage chest lower heartbeat 
satisfice (pursue a course of action that 
will satisfy the minimum requirements)
telepath (the ability to use telepathy)

to allow a touch of class
to let the soft lips affix
a kind of love 
serene in its mix 
on a voyage of discovery

not to thumb the chest
nor to shout out loud
but to lower the tone

the heartbeat may be running fast
just satisfice
trust the telepath with quick calls
and take off on the road to success

MLMM's Wordle #215

Thursday, November 12, 2020

most graceful of rhythmic gliding in the water

Image:  Butterfly stroke  (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
blue, speck, sank slid butterfly, 
sing, sunny tender stalk  longer

a blue speck from the distance diving in and 
sank just beneath the surface and who slid out  
again gracefully at the start of the butterfly stroke
one of the most difficult and exhausting yet the
most graceful of rhythmic gliding in the water

akin to singing on a sunny day in the cool of the 
pool tenderly with captivating poetry in motion
reminiscing of a shark stalking  its doomed prey
the longer it was the more mesmerizing one felt  

Linda's at d'Verse OLN #278 - rejoice
MMT's Whirligig #292

Monday, November 9, 2020

emptiness swirling around him

Image:  Walking reflection - aimlessly trudging (here)

whistling in the wind (trying unsuccessfully to 
change something which cannot be changed)

He often feels the loneliness of times, the emptiness swirling around
him not really a bother as it was more of desperation. Clawing through
that misty morning not finding the desired opening is depressing. It wears
off the initiative to render a sudden feeling of helplessness. A barrier is
always popping up to stifle the probing mind
Myriads of options but there is nothing behind the wall except a space 
where the wind whistles. His mind numb hands flailing uncontrollably, 
searching for a solution. Whistling in its innocence does not move 
mountains but keeps staring fixedly not at him but through him offering 
a sly smile. An occasional wink provides a slight respite.

The much-feared writer's block? Facing it squarely with defiance is an 
exercise of consternation. A better alternative is to abandon the throes 
of frustration to fight another day. Take a walk!
(144 words)

Merril at d'Verse - prosery

Sunday, November 8, 2020

never to surrender to stormy weather

                                                                                           Author JScottish  
Image: Lighted Bottle  (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
family joy owe passing act 
back soul those progress power 

a family joy owed to a passing fancy
an act of wanting to anticipate an outcome
back then a message in a bottle is quite known
but a lighted candle what can be foremost
the reason and how will it last in that state

oxygen permitting to guide the soul 
given to those living the lives of the heart  
to progress in an ocean blown by the wind
will require the strength of spiritual power 
but never to surrender to stormy weather
placing one's hopes and aspiration strongly
in divine protection to survive the perilous
journey into the unknown

Brenda's Sunday Whirl  Wordle #481
Carrie's Sunday Muse #133

Friday, November 6, 2020

colour me fair for it flows

                                                                                      Author: Okkatie
Image:  Acrylic on panel (here)

pour your heart's out
colour me fair for it flows
cleanly along the tilted canvas
black on white colours of opposing forces
the pattern discerned when 
it finds its own level
it runs the whole gamut 
of the four season's play
of greenery blazing yellow copper 
black and white of the cold months

all on its own strength
making brave red facing a crowd
kaleidoscopic and reminiscent
of the rainbow spanning the sky
to showcase strength and vitality

enhanced with silicone drops
or thicker resins with drops of glue
as a show of tenacity all on the groove 
of the swipes using plastic sheets and chains
plus flip cups of varied sizes and shapes
a show of versatility of yellow

acrylic pour painting with bubbles
at its best magenta pink blazing red 
turquoise blue to be swirled and torched
to invoke a warm and heated effect

the technicalities and items involve
a new normal like the pandemic
unlike the quaint brush strokes 
of peaceful blue of yesteryears
Such is the acrylic pour painting of today

Grace at d'Verse MTB - synesthesia of colors

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

prospect of rain is probable but shying away

                                                                                                    Author:Asamoah Francis
Image: Evidently clear but sadly 
unnoticed (here)

11 of 12 given words:
grief distilled summer drew dusk away
courteous, grace, guest escape light

good grief! 
distilled from the strangely hot summer
it drew lots of flax sweating on crucial days
what has got into the current spell  

unpredictable and utterly confusing
from dawn to dusk it has been misty
the prospect of rain is probable
but shying away

it reflects courteous grace 
but acting like a guest 
who has exceeded a welcome
to escape unnoticed in fading light
strangely enough 
it is conveniently explained as 
global warming 

the full impact is far off 
nothing to worry about in the immediate

an assurance?
to think it is putting it off to the next generation
leadership is lacking
what a shame!

MMT's The Whirligig #291

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

more susceptible to a chorus of success

                                                                           Attribution: BornBorn
Imge: Triumphantly happy (here)

11 of 12 given words:
dismal harden numerous clatter 
extramundane (beyond our world or material universe)
find brick lean
agonist (a person who is torn my inner conflict)
eldritch (spooky, eerie, weird) 

a dismal rendering of a harden bother
numerous clatter of  hysterical moans
wanting to seek out an outright winner
beyond the capacity of an extramundane

accentuating on the  chorus of success  
confronting  the nuisance value of hecklers
a find easily evoked in times of stress
from those opposed to being helpless 

short of having a brick flung in the face
it is imperative to lean on the powerful
agonistic by nature who could replace
such eldritch elements where plentiful  

one can then whistle a tune of triumph!

MLMM's Wordle #213

Sunday, November 1, 2020

his hands full but feeling empty

                                                             Author: Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)
Image: Rembrandt's 'Old Man in a Chair' (here)

the 12 given words: 
shame rattle until come crossroads 
call toll fall suspect path word hands

what a crying shame
he could rattle their names
very easily with no difficulty
and until recently
he was quite happy

now he did come to the crossroads
a call in a different mode
it is now taking its toll
in for a fall
a suspect unsuspecting
along the path lurking

please not a word just a pity
his hands full but feeling empty
he is now overtaken
by dementia and forsaken

Brenda's Sunday Whirl - wordle-480/

Kept seeing steps to climb

                                                                                   Attribution: Carrie
Image: (here)

The sun simmered down as it sunk slowly over the jagged horizon.
Leisurely fighting for time as the day turned progressively darker
Not about to indulge in fancy footwork but ungrudgingly frowned
Contending of ways to save the day for good things to remember

How did it come to this, a question that kept playing in his mind
Kept seeing steps to climb not expecting a finality of feelings
He reasoned to just keep seeing them as  non-evasive and acting blind
Working instead on his defenses completely engrossed and waiting

Could someone else be made responsible to hold on to the stake
The rewards were aplenty for the patience of outright  persistence
A question of not throwing away opportunities but to grab the cake
Lesson learned reflecting on disappointments previously experienced

Chrissa's at Sunday Muse # 132

Friday, October 30, 2020

Sitting alone not unduly worried

                                                                                       Author Charles J Sharp
Image: Alone Resting and Waiting (here)

Sitting alone not unduly worried
Morning sun blazing hot at midday
Even clouds running fast and hurried
Chased by the incoming evening rays

Destined to be buoyed leisurely
By a slow-moving flight belly full
Life undeniably knocked into inactivity
Not seen its worst heavy and brimful

Resigned to be resting the tired bones
Must you make an unscheduled stopover?
A messy cook up the previous occasion
Your friends too took refuge, remember?  

Bjorn and Sanaa at d'Verse at OLN #277

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

lost in thoughts asking

                                                                                             Author: abogada samoana
Image: Prayer Flags blowing in the Winds (here)

reaching for the sky
finding the truth wondering
lost in thoughts asking
solace in a magic wand
but it is long in coming

lost bidding for time
right a wrong is not easy
running for dear life
folly moving in circles
it is blowing in the winds
(a double tanka)

Jade Lisa's at d'Verse #427 Poetics - folly
Chevrefeuilles' at Carpe Diem - celebrates
its-8th anniversary - blowing in the winds

Monday, October 26, 2020

Restrictive movements may put a damper

                                                                                                         Author: Steve Mays
Image: Halloween 1977 Costume Party 
A thing of the past - no social distancing (here)

'Trick or treats' uttered in jest and in anticipation to force
a response meant to be taken in a light vein just as much.
A nostalgic flood of feelings flowed back in memory on 
how neighborly and fun those occasions were.

It only seemed like yesterday that the friendly neighborhood
came alive. In fact, it was a sure way of getting to know the
immediate neighbors who initially may seem aloof and unfriendly
That may be the underlying reason that it was first mooted  by 
our elders before

Restrictive movements may put a damper on those who 
wish to risk it. It may further subject them to the prospects
of not getting a welcome..  

forays of childhood
innocence face a damper
with the restrictive
movements currently in place
with the new normal enforced 

Frank's at d'Verse Haibun Monday
- happy halloween

hands firmly on the hips standing akimbo

                                                                                    Author:Pearson Scott Foresman
Image: Visibly Upset (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
aura hips eye contact disdain words 
strangers find woman lullaby accent 

showing an aura of authority
with hands firmly on the hips
standing akimbo looking sharply
through direct eye contact her lips

quivering speaking with disdain
words, without doubt, lost in anger
but still in control with restraints
while strangers around sensing danger

slowly retreat making a bee-line
for a safe exit never to mess around
for such a scenario will easily find
an explosive finality, not just a frown

this is not a woman giving a lullaby
not when uttering unguarded accents
to beat it without the normal goodbyes
the unruly scene should come to an end

MLMM's Wordle #212

Friday, October 23, 2020

A logical extension of restraints

                                                                                             Attribution:Arne List
Image:  A Drab Winter Scene (here)

If winter is death, surely, 
red-slashed autumn is the wound that brought it.
A logical extension of restraints 
as colours would have determined

Is it intended that a copper tone is aligned
to reddish hues to beset the season's change

How unkind to view such an outcome
Perhaps unfairly exhorted 
by way of colours for winter 
will be bathed not in
pure and unstained white
but brown to red

Surely the correlation is tweaked more
towards the impending expectations 
of winter's cold and activities curtailed
that it reveals a deathly feeling

Yes, perhaps the feeling is akin 
to making the best of situations 
not unlike adjusting to the new normal
of the pandemic's inconveniences

Dylan's at MLMM's  - First Line Friday

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

much into the unknown

Image: Sadly in Quiet Moments (here)

the 5 charms:
grey life, dim accuracy, pale heat, 
consumed moon, spiritual songs

much into the unknown
a young heart in emotional reflection
clawing in the shadows of misty blues
questioning the grey life looming
in dim accuracy in measured intense
perplexed in a confused state 
of what the future holds

a physical structure of bodily charms
waiting to share blessed moments of love 
yet in the pale heat of a consumed moon
a perfect specimen of Adonis
lay crumpled and contorted 
where is the lovely maiden? 

lost in muted silence
lying prone under the covers
asking in nebulous intent
will spiritual songs help?

Laura's at d'Verse Poetics in
- the Charms of Samuel Greenberg

Monday, October 19, 2020

Magnetized by her presence

                                                                                             Author: The US Senate Office
Image: Big Crowd at a Rally(here)

Magnetized by her presence
Charmed by her outward personality
That carried diversity to another level
A politician and attorney
That mesmerized the minorities

Accepted sexism and racial elements  
Within strong debating strategies
That had opponents stuttering even
Just wanting to say her name 
(44 words)

De at d'Verse Quadrille #114- poetical magnetism

Sunday, October 18, 2020

we are free we are the world

                                                                                          Author:Marry :3 @Madjina
Image: We are taking over (here)

10 of 12 given words:
bend call spill spread hands  
gel scar sting list  frilly 

not driving you humans around the bend
not a desperate call but we are being free
we can spill over an irritant that's the trend
spread our numbers the Covid way entirely

we'll win hands down nothing but a fling
no gel needed but we are just as slippery
leaving no scar we can now attack and sting
the list can go on be on guard nothing frilly 

lots of food left for us you humans are so kind
hurriedly you left leaving the doors wide open
no more strays but owners not unwanted tenants
we are free we are the world that's our song

Carries' at Sunday Muse #130
Brenda's The Sunday Whirl Wordle 477

Thursday, October 15, 2020

ill-defined but understood

Image: Lovingly together  (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
almost, open, define, listen, nights 
expect grew, ways, known screendoor mean

almost an open book 
ill-defined but understood 
listen to the wind in the nights
not expecting an uproar but unusually quiet 
for it grew in ways friendly by nature
in a way to boost your stature

a wonderful soul is known to invest
precious times sometimes awkward at best
to walk past screendoors opening wide
despite locked from the inside

mysteriously swung out with clockwork precision
to accompany goodness accorded unto your person
blessings untold but impacting on my being
when our relationship was left panting 

was often stormy but not anymore
was it written we are meant for each other?

Grace at d'Verse OLN #276

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

the beauty of having a forest cover

                                                                                            Author:Timothy Gonsalves
Image: Life-giving and Meandering (here) 
the beauty of having a forest cover
which doubles as a catchment area
most welcomed a spot in the locality
where rivers are to meander unobtrusively

to quench the regions blessed within
greenery craved of those forgotten beings
in the scorching heat of dry arid lands
but not quite so for some of the lucky ones

what they miss above they can well forgo
the abundance of riches lie hidden below
for Providence is a fair equalizer to behold
bidding its time to gush out - the black gold
Note: forest,rivers,quench is Covent Garden

Sarah at d'Verse in Poetics - three little words

Monday, October 12, 2020

what has bolstered his hopes?

                                                                                                           Author: David290
Image: A Gleaming Roadster (here)

Dare him to look up from his perch. The morning sun slowly moves
competing with lazy clouds across the sky. He has not flinched his tired 
bones. He will bid his time contrary to some thoughts

We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of time 
far from giving in but what has bolstered his hopes. That no one can tell
He liked her but that was long ago before he went away. He is back 
determined to stake his claims

He feels confident. He is no more the struggling wimp those others 
referred to and laughed at before, unkempt and penniless. He has parked 
his Ferrari far down the street. He has made his pile that he is not to 
reveal. He is waiting patiently for a glimpse of her -  for a surprise.

But is she really married? 
(144 words)

Kim at d'Verse:  Prosey - telescope of time

Sunday, October 11, 2020

not to acquiesce in meek demeanour

                                                                                  Attribution: Sunday Muse
Image: Showing the Way (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
acquiesce shrug inhale pity ruffle 
inevitably groan disgust lament grim

not to acquiesce in meek demeanour
for it is not an option 
but to just shrug it off

to inhale pity without a ruffle
is a tragedy for it is conforming 
to bullying tactics

it is necessary to push forward
the guiding light even 
with a puny lantern
to inevitably put up a brave front
against those hiding 
behind the cloak of cowardice
to cause damage

the expected defense is always devoid
of a groan but to confront the 
disgust of not wanting to succumb
under the weight of surrender  
not even to lament 

a grim outcome to a dignified soul

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #129