Monday, October 26, 2020

Restrictive movements may put a damper

                                                                                                         Author: Steve Mays
Image: Halloween 1977 Costume Party 
A thing of the past - no social distancing (here)

'Trick or treats' uttered in jest and in anticipation to force
a response meant to be taken in a light vein just as much.
A nostalgic flood of feelings flowed back in memory on 
how neighborly and fun those occasions were.

It only seemed like yesterday that the friendly neighborhood
came alive. In fact, it was a sure way of getting to know the
immediate neighbors who initially may seem aloof and unfriendly
That may be the underlying reason that it was first mooted  by 
our elders before

Restrictive movements may put a damper on those who 
wish to risk it. It may further subject them to the prospects
of not getting a welcome..  

forays of childhood
innocence face a damper
with the restrictive
movements currently in place
with the new normal enforced 

Frank's at d'Verse Haibun Monday
- happy halloween


  1. Restrictions restrictions numbered groupings, masked (non costumed faces) all in stride of new normal. Stay safe Hank
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  2. Great picture Hank, but which one are you? Happy Halloween brother!

    1. Rob, Hank is nowhere there. Picture is courtesy of Wiki.

  3. You paint a visceral, haunting picture in a poignant depth. This is our reality and it is saddening. Beautifully penned, as always, and I especially love the imageries you evoke in this piece. The feelings of disillusionment, disappointment, and facing a reality of avoiding others for everyone's safety, it can be quite jarring to young children more so. You describe this very well.

  4. Halloween trick or treating was always a jolly veneer over something older and darker. But it does feel like we are missing out on all those things that bring us together, and that is really sad.

  5. Halloween is sure going to be different this year, excellent poem Hank.


  6. Sadly this is true in the current circumstances. I love the photo - this looks like it was a really fun party!

  7. The reality of these Covid days is so much scarier than anything I could imagine, Hank, and I like the way you have captured that in your haibun, especially the tanka. Some people are treating the pandemic like a Halloween prank, and they are the ones who will discover how scary it really is.

  8. I'm sure there will be parties despite the warning.
    Definitely tell it's 1977 - look at the Princess Leia costume.

  9. So sad that those good old days of the neighborhoods where Halloween was a family experience with parents visiting and children happy and safe seem to be a thing of the past. It was such a happy time.

  10. Ironically I find the neighborhood more friendly... it's so easy to meet at safe distance and talk to the neighbors... and so many people are working from home.

  11. Sad that Halloween is a thing of the past. I’m starting to hate the expression, ‘the new normal.’