Tuesday, October 13, 2020

the beauty of having a forest cover

                                                                                            Author:Timothy Gonsalves
Image: Life-giving and Meandering (here) 
the beauty of having a forest cover
which doubles as a catchment area
most welcomed a spot in the locality
where rivers are to meander unobtrusively

to quench the regions blessed within
greenery craved of those forgotten beings
in the scorching heat of dry arid lands
but not quite so for some of the lucky ones

what they miss above they can well forgo
the abundance of riches lie hidden below
for Providence is a fair equalizer to behold
bidding its time to gush out - the black gold
Note: forest,rivers,quench is Covent Garden

Sarah at d'Verse in Poetics - three little words


  1. I like the balance that your describe in your poem. If the two camps could cooperate and collaborate, maybe their would be plenty enough for all...

  2. Oh, so very beautifully penned and enlightening. Mesmerizing work here, Hank!

  3. Very beautiful words. Unfortunately that black gold has been exploited and totally corrupted 'the lucky ones.'

  4. It's interesting that some of us wrote poems using the three words, and others wrote poems inspired by the place to which the words took them. This was such a unique prompt. Your poem is lovely.

  5. I like the contrast between above and below. That black gold has been a mixed blessing, but I guess I might feel pretty excited if I found an oil well in my back yard! Great use of the prompt words.

  6. A wonderful poem Hank anout the beauty that the forest do hold.
    Well done.


  7. I think often the black gold becomes more a curse than a blessing.

  8. A beautiful place to be expect for the curse of that black gold.

  9. Two sides that differ as that black gold calls.