Monday, October 12, 2020

what has bolstered his hopes?

                                                                                                           Author: David290
Image: A Gleaming Roadster (here)

Dare him to look up from his perch. The morning sun slowly moves
competing with lazy clouds across the sky. He has not flinched his tired 
bones. He will bid his time contrary to some thoughts

We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of time 
far from giving in but what has bolstered his hopes. That no one can tell
He liked her but that was long ago before he went away. He is back 
determined to stake his claims

He feels confident. He is no more the struggling wimp those others 
referred to and laughed at before, unkempt and penniless. He has parked 
his Ferrari far down the street. He has made his pile that he is not to 
reveal. He is waiting patiently for a glimpse of her -  for a surprise.

But is she really married? 
(144 words)

Kim at d'Verse:  Prosey - telescope of time


  1. Interesting take: a 'loser' who succeeded, or did he? We still don't know whether he gets the girl...

  2. Oh - will it all be worth it if she is? Interesting...

  3. Nicely set up. Really want to know whether she is married!

  4. Oh, this is different, Hank! Is he only confident because he has a Ferrari or is it because he really likes her and believes she likes him? And then there is the question of whether she’s married. I don’t think much of his chances.

  5. What makes a person desirable? Too often we focus on the outer trappings. I wonder--has he really changed, and also, is she a person easily seduced by surface instead of substance?

  6. Hopefully it's not just the fancy car that attracts her.

  7. OH I LOVE this tale! It reminds me of a high school reunion where the popular cheerleaders are now not the most successful in the crowd and the nerds come back, and finally claim their due! :)

  8. Hank I hope he gets the girl in the end. Keep your fingers crossed. I liked Your story here.

  9. I'm afraid that the Ferrari won't help if she's already married.

  10. Nice one Hank, i am happy he is now a success. About the girl, i guess its left to fate
    Thanks fir dropping by to read mine


  11. Great to read Hank as always.