Sunday, October 18, 2020

we are free we are the world

                                                                                          Author:Marry :3 @Madjina
Image: We are taking over (here)

10 of 12 given words:
bend call spill spread hands  
gel scar sting list  frilly 

not driving you humans around the bend
not a desperate call but we are being free
we can spill over an irritant that's the trend
spread our numbers the Covid way entirely

we'll win hands down nothing but a fling
no gel needed but we are just as slippery
leaving no scar we can now attack and sting
the list can go on be on guard nothing frilly 

lots of food left for us you humans are so kind
hurriedly you left leaving the doors wide open
no more strays but owners not unwanted tenants
we are free we are the world that's our song

Carries' at Sunday Muse #130
Brenda's The Sunday Whirl Wordle 477


  1. The cats have taken over. That could be a good thing!

  2. This was fun, Hank. You do well with the word lists, the poems turn out really good.
    Cats rule!! I hope they do a good job, keep our senior Medicare, and taxes low for the middle class.
    Been missing your writes, we've been on different rails.

  3. A great poem with equally great imagination Hank. I love cats but would certainly like the freedom of theirs right now in this uncertain situation.


  4. The cats are seizing the opportunity.

  5. Cats rule...
    This is great fun, Hank!

  6. Hi! We are the world ... love how you used that. I will supply the word 'bend' as I live in Bend Oregon. Cheers.

  7. We are the world, that is our song...Love it! Like Mary said, Cats Rule! They certainly have a way of getting their way, or doing it their way. It is always a pleasure to see you at the Muse Hank!

  8. Cats are smarter than we give them credit for being.
    Love this, Hank!

  9. Planet of the Cats! Good one, Hank!

  10. "we are free we are the world that's our song" - wonderful.