Friday, December 30, 2011


Once upon a time
We scoured the sea for some sport
Fishing seems good fun

None during the day
Frustrating to say the least
Angling is pure luck

Change for the better
Still of nights and dawn were bites
The best saved for last

Process Note: A verse posting of an earlier prose in my Nostalgia Series (here)

Submitted for Grandma's Goulash:  2011 WWR #52 and Poets United Poetry Pantry #81

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Image: Not quite the New Year yet
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

Resolutions more resolutions
Better than not having none

Make it a % game
No excuses so lame

Don't expect a 100%
At least achieve some

At year's end you're done
See!  It can be fun

Lamenting and regretting
For breaking resolutions yet again

Will be a thing of the past
Have a big laugh

The idea is
Double the no. and insist

That I’ll break only half
But diligently do the rest a must

Then your conscience is clear
To welcome the New Year!

Happy New Year every one
2011 has been much fun!

Submitted for d'Verse FormForAll - Couplets for the New Year

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


                                                                                         Photo: Bert Stern 
Image:1 A Laughing MM
(Photo Image: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie)

 Image:2  The Classic Picture:  Marilyn's skirt blows up as a train passes under the subway grate in 1955
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

An infectious smile
The exuberance of youth
An icon no less

Etched in memory
A picture of a heart throb
A wind-blown up skirt

An untimely death
Snuffed off a brilliant career
Barbiturates!  Sure?

Submitted to Tess' Magpie #97 , d'Verse OpenLinkNight Week#24 and Purple Treehouse - Haiku

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Picture Credit: Google Images

Star,pine tree,tinsel
Colorful lights, mistletoe
Care for a kiss, girl?

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas every one
Hail to Yuletide cheer!

Has been lots of fun
Friends galore the world over
Need we ask for more?

Has been fantastic
Looking forward for better
And Happy New Year!

Submitted to d'Verse - Christmas and Haiku Heights - Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is it True?

Image:1 The Mayan Calendar
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

That's it, good-bye everyone.It has been a good year.2011 has been wonderful.I'm making my countdown.I've exactly one year,365 days to do what I want to do.Yes just one complete year and there's so much to do, Dec 21,2012,one year from now.
What're you rambling about?
That's all the time.Time is running out!
Time for what.Is there someone who has 1 year to live?
Not just someone,everyone!
Hey,be serious
Yes,everyone! It's the end of the world. Apocalypse Now!
Come off it!
Don't ho! ho! ho! this!That's what the Mayans said.The end of the world is on Dec 21 next year.
I don't want to believe it! Maybe we can build bomb shelters (sarcastic) That's what everyone did during the Cold War.
But that would be ok if it skims off things on the surface. We're talking of the whole world!A gigantic meteor is supposed to smash Earth to smithereens!
Yeah,that's true. Or maybe shift the earth's orbit! It can be done.Einstian said so (sarcastic)
Yeah,we can get the Apple people to think about it.They are innovative,they should know what to do!

But one thing!
Why are we bothered
Yeah,it's the world's problem,not yours or mine
That's not what I mean
What exactly you mean?
Why should we be bothered (soliloquy)
You've said that!
Ok,I mean the Mayans aren't bothered
They're looking forward to the date. the whole of Mexico!In fact they're making a count-down from today,Dec21 2011.There is even in Tapachula an 8-foot digital clock to monitor the count-down
Yeah, in fact it has taken a commercial angle!
They're selling it! Mexico's tourism agency expects to draw 52 million visitors next year, more than double the 22 million presently.And this is only to Chiapas,Yucatan,Quintan Roo,Tabasco and Campeche.
And that's not even the whole of Mexico!
Yeah,many archaeologists believe the 2012 reference found on the 1300 year-old tablet only makes reference to the end of an era,a cycle in the Mayan calendar.'The world will not end' a tourism spokesman said.For us it is only a message of hope'
That's what they said.So why are you all worked up?
I don't know!

Note: Fear and boldness, contrast in effect. While we thought they fear but they are welcoming it!

Submitted for d'Verse Meeting the Bar - contrast

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


 Image:1 My Jambu tree in a corner of the house compound

 Image:2 The first sprig of flowers hidden among the leaves

Image:3 The young leaves purplish against the luscious green

 Image:4 The sour variety smaller in size not commercially sought after

 Image:5 The black diamond variety succulent and sweet

Image:6 The best way to enjoy jambu as shown above is with a dipper comprising soya sauce with cut onions, chilly and a dash of celery or mint. Yummy, my mouth just waters!

(Picture Source: I snapped Images #1 till 3 on Dec 10, 2011. Images #4 till 6 are from Google images)

Water Apples 

Jambu tree, at last
You finally spawned some buds
Some years of waiting

The toil and fond care
Over  zealous  manuring
Leaves greener than green

December arrived
Wondering what variety
Just eager to see!

The water apple ( Eugenia aquea) is variously known as jambu ayer (Malaysia)  djamboo wer (Indonesia ) tambis (Philippines) chom-phu-pa ( Thailand) and chambekka (Malayalam, India) This is indicative of its wide distribution in South East Asia.

It is succulent and crunchy, some varieties are sweet whilst some are sour. It is available all year round

Process Notes: Just over a week ago I noticed my Jambu tree had spawned its first flowers. I’ve nurtured and applied fertilizers regularly for the past couple of years. I had initially applied NPK but I realized it was not good for the soil. I later got treated organic manure and had positive results  The leaves came with a rich dark green and more luscious than before.This was the day that I had waited for. I’ll record the number of days from the flowers to  the fruit.

Submitted for Gooseberry Gardens Week 18 - with prompts Snow,December,Winter,Vacation& Wildness
and d'Verse OpenLinkNight Week#23

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time Stood Still

                                                              Image: Lee Friedlander 1966

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

He stood there smiling
An empty smile
Food for your thoughts
What could be wandering
In his mind
That time stood still
What could he be pondering
That he stood there waiting
In his young mind
Untested with ways of the world

Thinking of one so dear
He hurt her feelings
He managed to get out fast
A sheepish smile of a jilted lover
Won the sympathies of a rich widow

What could it be?
Myriads of possibilities
A young mind so free
Standing by the door
Minding his own business
‘What Me Worry’
No one to care
And no one to bother!

Submitted to Magpie Tales Mag #96 and
Poets United Poetry Pantry #80

Saturday, December 17, 2011


                                                                    Image by Tera Zajack

What could be the Matter?

Crying in the rain
What could have been the matter?
I tried to persuade her
Not to venture out
Not in this weather
It was intermittent
now it's a downpour
She  could have at least
taken precautions
An umbrella for one
and shoes, yes shoes
Those cobblestones
could be hurting

Hasty decisions
could come back to haunt her
She could have waited
He sent a  text otw, yes 'on the way'
She could have waited

‘Get into my car
I’ll take you back!’

‘But your car will be all wet
in the inside’

‘Never mind just hop in
get into warm clothes’

‘But I like this red colored dress’

‘Don’t worry,  Janet’s favorite is red
You have a lot to choose from
just get into the car
and we'll be on your way
That’s the least I could do’

‘Ok, I’ll get into your car!
Is Janet in the house?’

‘Yes, waiting for you!’

You think she minds?

‘My wife is ok!’ You'll bring it back next time you're here

‘ Danke!’


Submitted for d'Verse - Poetics Out the Sketchbook

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hot Meals

 Image:1 My pencil sketch of one from the kitchen.

Image:2 Another sketch in soft pastel on A4 size dark creative paper with soft shadings.

Note: Please bear with me. The objects drawn are not arranged in a nice Still Life format. This was done in a hurry, rather crude. I'm trying to pick up sketching again. I'm inspired by someone and I need to practise a lot.  Simple objects readily available in the kitchen is fun!

Mouth Waters

Hot chilly peppers
Malaysian nasi lemak
Hot Indian curry

Hotter the better
Szechuan  fried prawn with chilly
Dutch sambal oeleck

Oozing through the ears
Mouth opens tongue hot and wet
Eye waters, nose red

And tabasco sauce?
Appetizing  and filling
Hot stuff  holding ground

Haiku inspired verse.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Rat Race

Image:1  The evening rush hour
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Just Another Day!

Note: This is not a lullabye a carol nor a ballad as asked for in the prompt. The word lullabye is in the poem not quite legitimizing it though. 

Brightness fading at the horizon by the seconds
Glowing yellow to golden hues mystically transforms
End of day a precursor to myriads of happenings
Staging a madness on the road, hurrying home surging
To avoid the imminent rush, sweaty and angry
Hordes of man and machines clogging the highway

While one comes slowly to an end another is to begin
Noisy  hawkers and  pretty butterflies of the night swarming
Of couples at leisure  scouring for places to wine and dine
Leading his spouse and brood for dinner  the family man
The young at heart at the hotspots in raucous splendor
The young layabouts  with their mean machines of terror

House-breakers working their moves when they please
The law enforcers just as ready armed with their expertise
The people movers bidding their fares ferrying the crowd
Of tourists, service personnel, traders, shoppers and the lot
The youngsters to chat, glued to FB, YouTube till wee hours
Mothers seeing to home-work or singing  a lullabye, engrossed
Fathers computer engaged over business matters poring
The law abiding  by the idiot box resigned to a sane evening

Preceding  the night to begin a new day in anticipation
A sedentary existence reflecting the lifestyle of the generation

Submitted to d'Verse Forms for All  and
Grandma's Goulash Weekend Writer's Retreat #50

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Limericks 8

Submitted to Madeleine Kane's Humor Blog who provided the first line and we were to continue.

kaykuala says:
September 13, 2011 at 1:41 am
A guy who was covered in sweat                             
Didn’t get to do what he intended
Shove a bee hive with a stick
Honey he thought he would lick
He was  much swollen headed instead

‘Pick a card’ was a phrase I would hear                                  
A ‘budding magician’ I rather not be near
He would fumble
He would grumble
Sympathized yes, but thankfully not a jeer

kaykuala says:                                                                  
September 4, 2011 at 9:43 am
A fellow was trying to dine                                                         
With a fair lady, and fine wine
He tried to be nice
It was just no dice
Couldn't be hurting and hope things were fine!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Aloe Vera

My pencil sketch of cut stems. The gel can be extracted from the cut at the bottom of the stem.

Alternative Remedy

Unattractive plant
Sans aroma and colors
But herbal secret

Right through the ages
Loyal  and dependable
Won hearts of maidens

Modern remedy
Ready source of reliance
A miracle gel

Process Notes: I was trying hard to know about the goodness of Aloe Vera in its natural state. There are bottles of processed supplements, sun blocks, shampoos,moisturizers and the like in the market but these won’t do. I was lucky last weekend during a visit. It happened that a relative gave some insight on the  application of  the natural gel on the head of her daughter. Apparently to make her mop of hair more luxuriant and black. And she swore by it.

The preparation process is simple. To be safe she does  only for external application. Have a pair of plastic gloves when handling the raw gel she said. It would case itchiness  otherwise.

Cut the stem and pull away the top part to expose the gel. Scrape the gel into a container and leave in the ‘fridge overnight. It can be used the day after to be applied directly to the skin or on the head on the raw.

Aloe Vera gel apparently had been used for a variety of skin care. Helps the formation of new skin cells and hasten healing. With its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties it can help reduce swelling ,relieve stinging  effects or itchiness in case of insect bites bruises and blisters. Gives a soothing effect on sunburned skin too.

Submitted to Real Toads OpenLink Monday and d'Verse OpenLinkNight week 22

Sunday, December 11, 2011


                                          Image: Moustafa Habibi
Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

Any Way Out?

You and I looking
Wondering what is in store
I in my domain

You are free to float
When the tide comes you are safe
But what about me?

Inspired by Tess' Magpie #95

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Image1: A common thing to seen these days
Picture Credit: Google images

Image2: Designing quilts apparently. Meant for Christmas sale too?
Picture Credit: d'Verse

What Is It?

Checking my email
Y.E.S., Y.E.S. funny, what is it?
Y.E.S. Christmas sale? Quilts?

That's all? Come off it!
Ring!... a text  message, let's see!
Y.E.S.! what? Year End Sales?

Submitted for d'Verse Fabric of our Lives with prompt Quilts

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Picture credit: Google images

Devoid of malice
Absence invokes warm feelings
Sentiments declared

Fond feelings relent
Courting positive response
From someone so dear

Submitted for Sensational Haiku Wednesday with prompt 'malice'
and Meeting the Bar at d"Verse - Writing Emotions

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Limericks 7

Limericks submitted earlier to Madeleine Kane's Humor Blog at the various dates. Madeleine posted the first line and we were to continue.

kaykuala says:
October 6, 2011 at 9:51 am
A woman who dressed with much flair
Was such a joy to see for those who care
Flaunting her assets
Got the wives upset
Much to the delight of the menfolk there


kaykuala says:
October 2, 2011 at 7:21 am
A gal in the mood for a bite…
Met a guy who wants something light
They got going
For a light fling
But it got right through a raucous night

Monday, December 5, 2011

Left Hand

 Image1: Half way through my stubby left

Image2: I can make it less stubby as a finished 'product'. Can still be improved with more shadings but will do for this purpose.    
A Sketch

Note: I was taken up with seeing some very good sketches of budding artists while browsing. Portraits are nice but to maintain a likeness of someone well known is something else. Like any sport, constant practice is necessary. Figure sketching can lead to portrait painting. For want of a better object, my left hand can be a start. I did a quick one just 20 minutes ago.

                                Tugging a little
                                Space of wondrous expanse, bright
                                Tickling on my mind

                                Paper and pencil
                                Want of an object to sketch
                                Stubby left will do

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Image: Medusa Cameo

A Cameo:  A Cameo form is a purely syllabic form consisting of  6 lines with a syllable count of, 2,5,8,3,8,7,2. 

                                                             Goes without saying
                                                       Man is asking why, what about ?

                                                                 I don't know
                                                      Can we have some authority?
                                                     It gets on my nerves, that’s why
                                                                  Sure thing!

Note: Had intended this for the previous prompt. But since for this week this is an Open Link I'm submitting it here just the same

Submitted to Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads
And Courtesy of Picture Image

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Charlie Brown the famous cartoon character of Charles M Schulz' s Peanuts
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Peanuts ain’t no peanuts
In 1950 it started
Till 2000 it was running strong
All of 50 years , that long
Charles M Schulz
Brought laughter to the world
Rewarded handsomely in return
And currently on printed re-runs
Of major newspapers

Who could forget
Linus and his warm blanket
Snoopy running around
And Charlie Brown
On the pitcher’s mould alone
and later tumbling
When Lucy snatched the ball
A kick he missed, and had a fall
Lucy’s love interest we’ve seen before
Schroeder bent on his piano
But till the end
Charlie’s girl friend
The Little Red-Hooded Girl
Wasn’t seen at all

In all probability
A Charles Schulz way
Of insisting Charlie Browns’s character
Is maintained as a Born Loser

Friday, December 2, 2011

Unruly Assembly

Humdrum of a vile assembly
Igniting phases of idyllic supremacy
An ideology succumbed  to  violence
Fiercely opposed imbibed with vengeance
Autocracy is dead, hail democracies
Reeked of sub human tendencies
Young and old of humid tantrums
Killing and laughing in unison
Without remorse and  kicking
Reeling beyond reason but standing
A common slant to a power crazy syndrome
The new propped up and old jettisoned

Behave treacherous mob!

A sudden awakening
Dubbed the Arab Spring
Across boundaries vibrating
On countries long in acquiescence
Disrupting a structure of power
Of benevolent despots, dictators
Sacked from their power base
Kicked out in disgrace
One dragged through the mud tortured
Who, not too long ago, a demagogue

Then Occupy Wall St
An overkill, raving in its stead
Sacrilege replete with warnings
Unfinished business unflinching
Financial Whiz kids, bankers
Option seekers, failed investors
Saved by bailouts
Not done yet , another fallout?
Still apparent and sensing
Waiting in the wings
Bidding their time to hoodwink

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Picture Credit: Google Images


Abandoned by love and business failures
Of Romeo and Juliet, of young lovers
As Shakespeare would have it rightly flavoured
A tragedy of sorts that long hovers

Outwardly seen and seemingly oblivious
Of what outcome on unpaved lanes
Isn’t it out in the open, and pretty obvious
Wrought with sorrow and lots of pain!

Cast a blind eye and sadden with laughter
Regretfully betrayed in a web of intrigues
Wild flashes and staccato bursts of gunfire
Enemies within hidden but well in league

Submitted for d'Verse OpenLinkNights Week20

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Many Hands

 Picture Credit: Google Images

A college professor was in the middle of his talk when there was a sudden blackout. The professor then announced in the dark. ‘Can everyone please  remain seated and put your hands up!’ Everyone did that. Suddenly the lights were on  again. Then the Professor proudly announced, ‘ many hands make light work’ and continued with his talk.

Believe it or not!
That many hands make light work
Turned out to be true

Haiku Heights prompt #96 'Lights'

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Left Unsaid

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess Kincaid's Magpie


Abandoned sofa
Vagaries of the weather
Lashed heaven’s fury

Smacked the ungrateful
Wild times or relaxation
Conveniently lapsed

Secrets abundance
Speak and reveal I will not
Was wild and vicious!

Submitted to Magpie 93

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Water Power

Image:1 A flood scene - danger to life!

Image:2 A flood scene - danger to life and property!

Image:3 A flood scene - danger to life and property!

(Picture Credit: Google Images)

Pristine in the dawn morning
Shiny and bright on tip toe
On the window sill dancing
Breaks into droplets flow
Pierced of sharp rays of the sun
Darken on the horizon  
Of rainbow colored hues
Rain drops rushing through
Running  between cracks
Faster than a quarterback
Would love for more

Saturated in hollow truth
It begets flood on the plains
Tugging misery through the mush
Shadowy in likeness
Shallow in thinking
Inundated in a blink
The opening of the sluice gates
Water power!

A wild dance 
Given half a chance
Madness begins
Destruction within!

Submitted for:  3 WordWednesday- with prompts hollow,misery,shallow and
                       d'Verse Poetics with prompt - Wild

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talents Abound

Picture Credit: Brian's

Process note:  After a year in poetry writing and still groping I am inspired by the prolific writings of Brian. Brian’s prompt above led me to respond in a few lines of verse at his blog. I later thought  it would be great to extend  the few lines here and create  a proper posting.

In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation this Thanksgiving, thanks Brian and Happy Thanksgiving to all in the blogging community!


A little patch, a bit of grass
Struggling hard battling the unjust
At a spot where it so thrives
Against all odds just to survive
Proudly it announced its very presence
Others would trip that instance
To realize realities of form
Are not all that cushy and warm

Brian has that uncanny streak
To match and offer some great tweaks
Of taking on the ordinary on pavements
That others passed off and trampled on
The treasure trove that comes alive
From his pen given that will of life
Of graffiti and witty snippets
On car bumpers or walls of toilets
All didn’t get pass the watchful  eyes
Of the mind that jives

And surprise of surprise
A recent Mohawk guise
Reveals a roving talent out of the ordinary
Of no bounds nor boundary
Just to lead the pack
For what  ordinary folks lack
Prolific by nature
Hovers above in stature
For loads of reason and rhyme
That’s Brian!

Submitted for d'Verse Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The School Holidays

Image1: Norman and Kimie at the Club pool. It is a hot day.They like it here, it is the bigger pool now, no more wading pool for them.

 Image2: Chow-time at the Pool Terrace. A welcomed tuck in after the swim.

Image3: From Left : Dickson (Chinese) Kimie, Big Daniel ( of Malay/Australian parentage)
Small Daniel (of Portuguese/French parentage) and Norman, resting in between takes

 Image4: Play Station with Small Daniel, Kimie and Norman at other times

 Image5: Kimie with Naqip, my youngest grandchild

The school holidays are here
Let’s give a big hooray!
It affects one and sundry
The kids for a start
The parents having a respite
Snow elsewhere would be common
Visiting for the next few months
But in  our part of the world

It is clear, sunny and warm
An occasional shower and thunderstorm
Or when the heavens erupt
With Bangkok getting all the floods
The end of year is often notorious
Heavy rains a normal recourse

At other times hot and sunny
At the club Norman and Kimie
No more the kiddie wading pool
Being allowed in the big pool is cool
Frolicking in the hot sun
Of noodles and rice an early lunch
Into the Club Library they then adjourned 

Later in the afternoon
The neighborhood kids came on
For their ‘sessions’ of  PS2 or PSP
Or a game of Monopoly
They’ll be around now more often
Staying on till late afternoon
A mixed potpourri of a peer group
Sometimes alone or at times a crowd
Small Daniel, Dickson,
Imran, Big Daniel their friends 
Sara Ayesha, Naqib and Nabil
are of  my third generation

Such a crowd forgetting themselves
on certain occasions
A little rowdiness quite rarely
Otherwise like other kids
they are exemplary 

Submitted to d'Verse week#19

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Image1: The motorcade 2 mins before the shooting. The President with Jackie at the rear and Governor Connally and Mrs Connally in front.

 Image2: The motorcade moving along Houston St

Image3: The motorcade moving along Elm St.The moment the President was hit. The outrider looking back, and the 2 Secret Service-men  looking up to the building at the back.

Image4: From another angle.The President slumped forward and Jackie moving towards him

Image5: It says in smaller prints 'Confessed assassin of President John F Kennedy'. The book and the DVD

(Photo Credit: Google images)

Process Note: The prompt calls for one that relates to change personally affecting oneself. I thought one that changed the course of world history makes a suitable option. More so it is just a couple of days to its 48th anniversary. Just a short one though. Google for more pictures and stories.  

An Assassination

Whodunit, honestly!
Was there a conspiracy
Or a  cover-up probably?
The mystery of the century
Nov 22, 1963
the untimely
demise of President Kennedy
A sad episode, a tragedy

‘Ask not what your country…’
The call rings crisps in memory
A second  assassin, also one a trigger happy
By the knoll not just Oswald at the Book Depository
That is one theory
It gained credence in notoriety
A confession recorded for posterity
In a book form and an accompanying DVD

Oswald gunned down by Jack Ruby
Was it then a futile necessity
He was not acting alone was he?
Impinged not just on the citizens, the country
The demise of a great leader sadly
Changed the course of world history

If only there had been no assassination, if only
I just wonder really
The course and make-up of the world politically
Would have been much different in all probability  

Submitted for d'Verse  

Human Nature


Urn full of knick knacks
Storage of items not used
Life is just as true

Change for the better
Always possible but then
Just human nature

Beyond redemption 
Bane of the disciplined soul

Submitted for Haiku Heights with prompt #95- Urn

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Limericks 6

These were submitted to Mad Kane's Humor blog at various times as per dates indicated. 

kaykuala says:
November 17, 2011 at 4:54 am

A woman who went through a phase
Of untold pleasure and was amazed
What did she do right
Try as hard as she might
Just couldn’t figure she was better than best

kaykuala says:
November 8, 2011 at 1:00 pm

A fellow was famous worldwide
There was nothing for him to hide
Reputation preceded him
Had not acted on whims
Level headed when skirtchasing  pretty maids

kaykuala says:
October 30, 2011 at 9:41 am

A fellow who just let it slip
He was making out on the last trip
His live-in got to know
And sadly to his horror
She left in a huff without batting an eyelid

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Image1: A typical houseboat  similar to the one we stayed in (rented together with meals). The owner stayed in another houseboat nearby.The owner's 16-year old daughter (with fantastic rosy cheeks) would invariably arrive in the early evenings (rowing a small boat) with our meals. This went on every evening for the seven days. She was given a small golden chain which one of us had around the neck in appreciation ( all for the extra smile every time she came with the meals)

Image2: Typical mode of transport

Image3: Picturesque serenity of the Himalayas I imagine
(Picture Credit: Google images)

This was posted sometime in October 2010 in my 'birdhouse' blog (but was not linked any where) This is in nostalgic remembrance of the week's stay in the house-boat..

Remembering Kashmir 

Much maligned, holiday blues
What am I in for?
Set me free, morning dews
Droplets , shining , pierced by the Sun
Tell me more!

Rivulets of clear streams
Gushing down the mountain side
in the Kashmiri landscape
Say, am I dreaming?
No, say no more
A story that’s no ending

Fly onwards, Gulmarg and Pahalgam
Bring me back the flowers, the blue sky,
the snow,gushing streams crystal clear
of lovely maidens, and rosy cheeks
of house-boats and Dal Lake
Kashmir, I remember thee once of yesteryear

Undisturbed , decidedly picturesque, untouched ,
yearnings beyond,
markedly wishing
for Srinagar again beckons!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess Kincaid's Magpie


Let's play musical chairs!
But where is everybody?
No! I'm not being duped right?
Yes! someone's going to shout
'Surprise!' right?

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Submitted for Magpie #91

Sunday, November 13, 2011


 Image1: The King of Rock in his young days

Image2: With wife Priscilla

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Idiom Presence

This is A Blessing In Disguise
Long in the Tooth
Looking through the list (here)
I had forgotten
Most of the idioms

Is it just plain simple language
I just can’t tell which is which
Used frequently
In a New York Minute
Now part of everyday speech
Until I came to:
Elvis has left the building
Never  had any inkling
Never heard this before
But rekindled fun memories
In Like Flynn

Of fast rock and roll
A precursor to the genius
Of others that followed
Cliff Richard, Michael Jackson
Found guilty the personal physician
But it did not bring back Michael
Elvis has left the building, that’s final!

Note:  Elvis has left the building = the show has ended

Submitted for d'Verse with prompt - idioms

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Over the Horizon

Note: This is an outsider's reading of what's current. I stand corrected

Political Consequence
Mortgages, bailouts
Spiraling economy
Shrinking job market

Eurozone mismatch
Reelection woes
Wall Street obsession

Holding to ransom
Political tsunami
Slowly apparent