Sunday, November 13, 2011


 Image1: The King of Rock in his young days

Image2: With wife Priscilla

(Photo Credit: Google images)

Idiom Presence

This is A Blessing In Disguise
Long in the Tooth
Looking through the list (here)
I had forgotten
Most of the idioms

Is it just plain simple language
I just can’t tell which is which
Used frequently
In a New York Minute
Now part of everyday speech
Until I came to:
Elvis has left the building
Never  had any inkling
Never heard this before
But rekindled fun memories
In Like Flynn

Of fast rock and roll
A precursor to the genius
Of others that followed
Cliff Richard, Michael Jackson
Found guilty the personal physician
But it did not bring back Michael
Elvis has left the building, that’s final!

Note:  Elvis has left the building = the show has ended

Submitted for d'Verse with prompt - idioms


  1. Elvis may have left the building but what a legacy he left behind with his music,
    I went to Gracelands some years ago and to think I was in his house was a wonderful experience, I also visited the graves in the garden of Elvis and family members, a very touching moment.
    Enjoyed your poem .

  2. Yvonne,
    Lucky you! Thanks! Not been there. One day may be!


  3. I forgot all about that one
    Great play on Elvis has left the building for your idiom fun
    The cat is out of the bag
    And came to visit with a tail wag..haha

  4. All i can say is, he is awesome and very goodlooking... Would love to visit his home... That's on my wish list... :-)

    Pareng JJ

  5. Very nice share....Elvis legacy is still enduring to this day; hopefully MJ's music will live on too.

    Happy sunday ~

  6. Elvis only left the building after changing it forever.

  7. They had to say that to keep everyone from stampeding out of the arena and posing a danger. It has "entered into the vocabulary" worldwide I think. I like the above comment. I suppose he did change it, but he built on an amazing base forged by the unheralded black American entertainers finally made famous by Scott Joplin/WC Handy starting with the barrel house musicians from Galveston & New Orleans, and the flat box blues singers who filled the Mississippi Delta. He just "brought it" because he was white, handsome, and had the "right pipes". The flood gates opened then and thank God they did. The world began to hear the music at last.

  8. Very true Beachanny,
    Elvis came at the right time. He was very welcomed in view of the onslaught of the black singers as you mentioned. He had their voice and he was white. He was readily acceptable and the richer for his generation in the 60's.


  9. yes - he left the building but still lives on..nice play on the idioms and great tribute for "the king" hank..honestly..listening to "in the ghetto" made me cry the first time i heard it..and still touches me - even though some people think it's soppy

  10. oh in like flynn...i had forgotten that one as well...nice wrap around as well from elvis to michael and the most recent verdict as well...

  11. This reminds me of how drastically Elvis' appearance changed as did Michael Jackson's--drug use, insecurity over looks--took it's toll on both. May they both rest in peace...

    Well done!

  12. I have no desire to visit his house, but I wish I had seen him perform. My brother and sister-in-law saw him onstage in Vegas. I think it was 1974.
    Good job with the idioms, Hank. Yes, lots of memories.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. you used some no one else used, good on you!! :)

  14. Elvis and Michael both left legacies...

  15. I thought the show does not end until the fat lady sings! (smiles)

    Nice clever poem.

  16. Excellent, Hank. Idioms have brought out the best in so many poets, it seems. I saw Elvis perform one of his last concerts. He was quite overweight, but wow...still what a presence. I was visiting a friend in Germany when he died, and that night we went out to a disco there was much Elvis music playing and many tearful eyes. And yes, Michael and Elvis will both leave a legacy. Sometimes I wonder if not even moreso because they died too young.

  17. Wow Mary! You saw Elvis in concert in person! Not many can have that privilege. Lucky you! Our generation was very lucky in having Elvis, Michael and not forgetting the Beatles all at our fancy.I believe so too! Those who die young stay on in our memory still with their youngness which probably enhanced the fondness that kept their music alive.