Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Image1: A typical houseboat  similar to the one we stayed in (rented together with meals). The owner stayed in another houseboat nearby.The owner's 16-year old daughter (with fantastic rosy cheeks) would invariably arrive in the early evenings (rowing a small boat) with our meals. This went on every evening for the seven days. She was given a small golden chain which one of us had around the neck in appreciation ( all for the extra smile every time she came with the meals)

Image2: Typical mode of transport

Image3: Picturesque serenity of the Himalayas I imagine
(Picture Credit: Google images)

This was posted sometime in October 2010 in my 'birdhouse' blog (but was not linked any where) This is in nostalgic remembrance of the week's stay in the house-boat..

Remembering Kashmir 

Much maligned, holiday blues
What am I in for?
Set me free, morning dews
Droplets , shining , pierced by the Sun
Tell me more!

Rivulets of clear streams
Gushing down the mountain side
in the Kashmiri landscape
Say, am I dreaming?
No, say no more
A story that’s no ending

Fly onwards, Gulmarg and Pahalgam
Bring me back the flowers, the blue sky,
the snow,gushing streams crystal clear
of lovely maidens, and rosy cheeks
of house-boats and Dal Lake
Kashmir, I remember thee once of yesteryear

Undisturbed , decidedly picturesque, untouched ,
yearnings beyond,
markedly wishing
for Srinagar again beckons!


  1. Beautifully written Pareng Hank!


  2. nice. i think we all have those times that we wish never had to end...and sounds like this was one of those...smiles.

  3. All good things come to an end
    As we have to go around the bend
    But sounds like you had a grand time
    And that surely isn't a crime, at least I hope..haha

  4. So beautiful and the nostalgia just makes my sorrow heart sadder.

  5. Good pic selection.. i love Kshmir a lot..;) thanks fr the sweet poem :)

  6. You bring the place to life, and your love for it, really well here, Hank. Now I feel like I had a vacation myself, though I will never get to go to anywhere so cool.

  7. I am really enjoying your post Hank, you are writing about places I will never go to but comes alive in your poetry.


  8. How you bring us back to that time and place...i wish I can go there too ~ lovely piece ~

  9. I am full with envy looking at the views.

  10. Wonderful images and lovely write!

  11. Pat,
    It is certainly no crime
    Just innocent maiden of 16
    To admire a beauty sublime
    And knowing she is pristine


  12. Very beautiful. I yearn to see that part of the world. I have a friend from Kathmandu. I was meant to go to her daughter's wedding but in the end neither of us got to go. I saw the video with her while she cried. It wasn't quite like being there. I understand being surrounded with kindness and beauty. I never want to leave either when I'm having a wonderful time!

  13. Dear Beachanny,
    Kathmandu, Kashmir, all are undisturbed. Nature at its purest.One day you'll get to go, Ma'am. Maybe by that time to meet also beautiful little babies of the newly-weds!