Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Game

Image:1  Hank teeing-off in a competition many years ago


(In Golf birdie has a special meaning. It refers to 
the score of one-under, one better than par for the hole)

14 clubs, that’s the maximum  allowed
Steeped with rules and regulations than most
Timing to be on the tee-box to the dot
Not to be late for any scheduled stops

The young and old if you have the will
You can start at the cradle for the feel
Of clubs or the myriads of balls available
You can still swing at 80 if you are able

A game most fair to all irrespective of skill
A handicap system creates a level playing field
A lower handicapped can still win the match
The system supports fairness the way  it is played

It is the easiest of games so said the Pro
The ball is stationary that you must know
Just take your stance and tee-off as normal
The same all the way until you reach the 18th hole

Not the whole truth as the game is not just physical
The difficulties are related more  to a game of mental
Scores of pars, birdies, eagles albatross or a hole-in-one
Nerves of steel are needed but that ‘s where all the fun

It is a frustrating game as we all had sadly experienced
But the prize-money of sweat and tears count into millions
The new Tigers, Rory McIlroy and Yani Tseng are on the rise
Lurking in the shadows though Woods can still spring a surprise

Submitted for One Single Impression 
with prompt #193 'Birdie'


  1. Hank, I used to caddy for my father on a little 9-hole course in our hometown. He turned his life around after a mild heart attack, started walking, playing golf, and doing some skiing too. Thanks for some nice memories through this great take on "birdie"! Peace, Amy

  2. Hank, it seems you know the game of golf well! You are right, it is a game for young and old. People play well into their 80's, it seems. I played the game for a while, just for fun, no league. But I knew a lot of avid golfers and truly appreciate the game and those who seriously play it. (Do you think Tiger Woods will ever WIN a championship again?)

  3. i love the fifth stanza Pareng Hank. altho i must said that the whole piece is well said. Have a great week ahead..

    Pareng JJRod'z

  4. Amy - That'd great. Yes, the game can well turn around for the better. Glad it did wonders for your loving Dad!

    Mary - It is a mental game. Tiger would be back only if his mental game is first class like before. That can happen when his personal life is taken care of unlike now!

    ParengJJ - Thanks buddy

    Morning - Thanks Ma'am


  5. Well said, Hank.
    It might be fun for some, but I've never been able to hit the ball. Really.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. This is so interesting. I am seeing the golf in a different light. Well I must say I know nothing about golf other than we live at hole 5 or something with the pond as the trap. I guess golf has been given in a bad wrap in some ways, but your poem explains it so clearly and so beautifully. I like the colors of your outfit! What year was that? :)

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha Hank and family.

  7. Not that I really like golf all that much, but you really did bring it out in a whole new way, enjoyed your verse way way way more than watching golf..haha

  8. great write...i grew up playing par 3 is definitely not an easy bring the game alive though...there is much that plays into each shot...

  9. Informative, fun and well done! I enjoyed this - and so would my dad have, had he still been with us.

  10. As a non golfer I found this very interesting Hank. Good to read.


  11. Would you believe that I've never played golf? I'm going to have to try it someday.

  12. Kay - Yes, even if the ball isn't moving it is still difficult. The right technique makes it easy.

    Oceangirl - 'Hole #5 and the pond as trap' you got your jargon correct. Wonder which club was it? The snapshot was at Kajang Hill Golf Club way back in 1995. And Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you Oceangirl and family (we were in Seremban for our qurban)

    Pat & Yvonne - Appreciate your positive comments. Seeing the game can be just as breath-taking especially if keenly contested.

    Brian - Par 3 golf is great to hone the skills for the short game.Many started that way and became very good at it!

    Dave - You should be a great golfer by now if you had followed your late Dad during his rounds. Are you now into golf?

    MZen - Try it,yes! I've seen many who started late even in their 40s and still became good golfers!


  13. I wondered if you'd take a golf approach to this one! Nicely done.

    We've had some very bad storms and power outages here, so I wasn't able to take care of OSI as usual. I will now.

  14. Anthony - thanks

    Sandy - I had golf in mind when I suggested the prompt. We'll be seeing more of you then! Great!


  15. It was very careless of me to play the wrong hole! So I have copied/pasted here my comment from Limericks.

    "What a finish! That looks professional. But, believe it or not, about forty years ago I earned myself the distinction of doing a hole-in-one. What I have today, in pleasant memory of the great fluke, is just a small cup with an old ball resting inside a small egg cup trophy for the fluke. It is a treasure I keep in my sitting room, ready to be proudly displayed to golfing visitors. "

    I'm sorry about this, Hank

  16. Dear Pak Cik,
    Appreciate the fact that I can see you now in Rainbow. Thanks a million for that!


  17. Thank you Hank for suggesting the prompt and it had two diverse meanings!! This gave a great deal of variety too!! I have been associated with the golf course but not as a player. Just accompanied my uncle, a golfer!! Must say you are quite an ardent fan of different sports and very passionate about it too!!Another good poem on a great sporting activity!!
    Pssst that is a nice green that you are teeing off on in the photo!!

  18. Nanka,
    Thanks. As mentioned to Oceangirl it was at Kajang Hill about 50km from K Lumpur.


  19. A post having a nice rundown about the game of golf, Hank. I played at least once a week until May 8th of this year. My knee was shot, grinding bone on bone, but that day it swelled up a lot and turned red.

    On July 18th I had a complete left knee joint replacement and haven't played golf since. I may not as I want this new knee to last for the rest of my life. Mrs. Jim plays at least twice a week with her buds.

  20. Jim,
    Terribly sorry on hearing this.I agree. You skip the game but keep the new knee intact. You'll still be at the club to accompany Mrs Jim. With friends around you'll not miss golf.


  21. Hello.
    Finally getting a chance to stop by & thank you for visiting.

    Golf is a sport enjoyed by many rich, famous & not so. You certainly look & sound like you know what you're doing.

    Nicely expressed, Hank.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn