Saturday, November 12, 2011

Over the Horizon

Note: This is an outsider's reading of what's current. I stand corrected

Political Consequence
Mortgages, bailouts
Spiraling economy
Shrinking job market

Eurozone mismatch
Reelection woes
Wall Street obsession

Holding to ransom
Political tsunami
Slowly apparent


  1. Most apt words for the current situation.

  2. wall street obsession is a powerful imagery here.

    Happy Saturday.

  3. Oh !Hank!! You have hit it hard and perfectly here!! We are reeling under that spiral too!! Dizzying!! :(

  4. Yep obsession on a massive scale, having to get their money the greed ****ards or they'll let out a wail.

  5. You have hit the nail on the head...great haiku

  6. Nicely put, Hank. Good work.
    I don't agree with the comment by Pat Hatt, however. It is irrational to call the poor and the unemployed "greedy bastards or they'll let out a wail" — when the long-standing (pre-Obama) recession hit the poor hardest and caused much of the unemployment.
    Certainly, many of the people in the occupy-Wall Street movement are neither poor nor unemployed, just as many of the people supporting Martin Luther King were not black, and many people who believed in equal rights for women were men.
    People do protest on behalf of others—and I applaud them.
    The people who are really obsessed with Wall Street are the powerful and the rich. If this is what you and Mr. Hatt intended to say, I apologize.
    Your sincere friend, K

  7. Kay Ma'am,
    My reading of what Mr Hatt referred to and what you had rightly contended at the end of your comment is the same ie the Wall St big wigs and whiz kids. These are the greedy b.....ds. They caused the turmoil and they were bailed out.They got big bucks in good times and they paid themselves bonuses from the bailout funds in bad times. They benefited both ways. Can you beat that!


  8. Hank—I'm so relieved. I would have hated to think you were against the rights of the poor and unemployed.
    Thank you so much for replying.
    And no, I can't beat that. I used to work closely with the old Vancouver Stock Exchange when I worked for one of the daily papers in the 1960s. The exchange (which no longer exists) reminded me of nothing more than Las Vegas, and the traders on the floor were paid gamblers. I learned a lot, and have never put money into stocks in my life.
    Still your sincere friend, and gladly,

  9. well you are pretty spot on with it...lots of upheaval and turmoil in our world right now...and only getting local city brought bulldozers in to force peaceful protestors off public property...ugly...

  10. Scary, but true. We pray that God will ease our efforts and grace us with His abundance.

  11. Kay Ma'am,
    Yes,the Stock Ex is somewhat a casino like.It is the same all over. Manipulations,insider tradings, false info, profiteering. All are happening all the time. They are deemed to have broken the law only if they are caught.You have seen it first hand. Unfortunately many learnt it the hard way and got their fingers burnt. Not to dabble in stocks and shares is wise.


  12. Hmm... forgot what I was going to say about the haiku b/c of all these comments.

    No, really, you've struck a chord on a very sad situation. Good work.

  13. Nicely crafted!!! :-)

  14. As the world is today you have hot the nail right on the head, Excellent.


  15. It's a political haiku, but it's so true. I am a european and all those things going on about our euro makes me sad and anxious. Well done this one.

  16. Perfect words. It is a picture of our world and times.


  17. Greed of few human's hurting the whole humanity .. Amen

  18. justifying the current scenario....apt.