Saturday, November 19, 2011


Image1: The motorcade 2 mins before the shooting. The President with Jackie at the rear and Governor Connally and Mrs Connally in front.

 Image2: The motorcade moving along Houston St

Image3: The motorcade moving along Elm St.The moment the President was hit. The outrider looking back, and the 2 Secret Service-men  looking up to the building at the back.

Image4: From another angle.The President slumped forward and Jackie moving towards him

Image5: It says in smaller prints 'Confessed assassin of President John F Kennedy'. The book and the DVD

(Photo Credit: Google images)

Process Note: The prompt calls for one that relates to change personally affecting oneself. I thought one that changed the course of world history makes a suitable option. More so it is just a couple of days to its 48th anniversary. Just a short one though. Google for more pictures and stories.  

An Assassination

Whodunit, honestly!
Was there a conspiracy
Or a  cover-up probably?
The mystery of the century
Nov 22, 1963
the untimely
demise of President Kennedy
A sad episode, a tragedy

‘Ask not what your country…’
The call rings crisps in memory
A second  assassin, also one a trigger happy
By the knoll not just Oswald at the Book Depository
That is one theory
It gained credence in notoriety
A confession recorded for posterity
In a book form and an accompanying DVD

Oswald gunned down by Jack Ruby
Was it then a futile necessity
He was not acting alone was he?
Impinged not just on the citizens, the country
The demise of a great leader sadly
Changed the course of world history

If only there had been no assassination, if only
I just wonder really
The course and make-up of the world politically
Would have been much different in all probability  

Submitted for d'Verse  


  1. Love the rhyme at the end of each one, lots of "ly" fun

    Yeah it totally would be different I think, but alas he never went with the flow and they did not like that. Conspiracy maybe, especailly with that magic bullet and all.

  2. you is interesting to think on how the world may be different if this would not have happened...i dont think we will every really know the truth on that one...

  3. I remember that day. The date stayed with me for many, many years, eclipsed only by 9/11, and I'm not even an American.
    You did a great job of this, Hank, with the E sound at the end of each line.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I enjoyed the poem. If that did not happen, there wouldn't have been Vietnam war and things would have been very different.

  5. Pat - There could well be a conspiracy. The bite marks of James Files on the bullet could not be determined even though it could be easily done.
    Brian - Yes, we never really can tell
    Kay - Yes, I remember it well myself. I was in residential school then.The news spread and we huddled together around our beds glued to a transistor radio waiting for updates.
    oceangirl - yes, I imagine so. In fact a lot of other events as well. We never know.


  6. it sure changed the course of world history..a. big tragedy..and who knows how everything had developed without this happening

  7. I agree with you.. the course of history would have changed.

    Thanks for sharing this and happy day ~

  8. Wow, 48 years already. Where go the years??? For a while I did a lot of reading and viewing on the conspiracy theory. Conclusion: I don't buy it. But I do agree that the course of history would have been much different if he had not been assassinated. One life CAN make a difference. So can one death.

  9. Nice post Pareng Hank. I agree with sir Brian, what could the world be if that never happened....

    Our version in the Philippines, is the Aquino assasination during the Marcos regime. It could have made a big difference.

    Pareng JJ

  10. thoughtful illustrations.

    fantastic poem on change!

  11. A sad day when a country loses its leader at the hands of a lunatic and his posse-not the majority.

  12. Hello Hank.
    Sad...we can but wonder about the "what ifs".
    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing & for visiting. I truly appreciate your comments. As long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing (lol).

    Thank you, my friend!

    Beautiful Woman Of My Heart

  13. Yes, it was not the kind of change JFK had envisioned... I remember the day as well.

  14. Hank...thought-provoking. How would things be if it hadn't happened? I also remember that day well. One of those moments in history that you can describe the details of where you were and what you were doing.

  15. Hank- This is such a nice tribute. I wonder the same things sometimes.

  16. A wonderful tribute Hank, How well I remember the day this happened I'd just been married for 3 months and was at my in-laws home when the dreadful news came over the TV,


  17. Hank, what a wonderful tribute to a man, I and my family had high regards for. I do believe things would be much different today, if Mr. Kennedy had not been assassinated.

    In answer to your question about music on the internet, simply go to youtube and type in your request. Easy as pie :)

    btw, thanks for your continued support on my writing.

  18. very thought-provoking and such a monumentally historical topic you chose - very impressive.

  19. Good one. Made me pause here and imagine what might have been if Nov. 22, 1963 had not evolved the way it did. They'd have flown in Air Force One back to Washington, D.C., would have told LBJ that his native state sure had the nicest folks, would have celebrated John-John's third birthday three days later, maybe would have told him a story about airplanes that made him never want to get a pilot's license.....and on and on....

  20. 48 years already! Amazing it's been that long.

    Nice poem too. Yes, we do wonder how the would would've been different without the assassination. Such a sad turning point.

  21. hey just checking on you since had not seen you since saturday...hope it is just holidays that keep you away...smiles.