Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talents Abound

Picture Credit: Brian's

Process note:  After a year in poetry writing and still groping I am inspired by the prolific writings of Brian. Brian’s prompt above led me to respond in a few lines of verse at his blog. I later thought  it would be great to extend  the few lines here and create  a proper posting.

In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation this Thanksgiving, thanks Brian and Happy Thanksgiving to all in the blogging community!


A little patch, a bit of grass
Struggling hard battling the unjust
At a spot where it so thrives
Against all odds just to survive
Proudly it announced its very presence
Others would trip that instance
To realize realities of form
Are not all that cushy and warm

Brian has that uncanny streak
To match and offer some great tweaks
Of taking on the ordinary on pavements
That others passed off and trampled on
The treasure trove that comes alive
From his pen given that will of life
Of graffiti and witty snippets
On car bumpers or walls of toilets
All didn’t get pass the watchful  eyes
Of the mind that jives

And surprise of surprise
A recent Mohawk guise
Reveals a roving talent out of the ordinary
Of no bounds nor boundary
Just to lead the pack
For what  ordinary folks lack
Prolific by nature
Hovers above in stature
For loads of reason and rhyme
That’s Brian!

Submitted for d'Verse Giving Thanks


  1. yeah he's awesome..isn't he... smiles

  2. That's an awesome respond/follow up Pareng Hank for Sir Brian's post.

    Love it!

    Pareng JJ

  3. big smiles. you made my day should see my grin. i am honored my friend...

  4. Oh now what are we to do
    After this great verse from you
    We will never be able to live with Brian
    You've done nothing but left me sighin'..hahaha

  5. Talents abound indeed... for both of you. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful guy.

  6. Brian is a favorite poet of mine...and such a genuine, faithful blog friend, too. Thanks for honoring him this way.

    And you're quite the poet yourself!


  7. Claudia - Yes, he is with or without the new hairstyle!
    ParengJJ - ditto and thanks!
    Brian - Much obliged! First on your list twice,now gunning for a third!
    Pat - thanks Pat! You are one great guy too! The only one with a lovable rhyming ass
    Laurie - Yes he is!
    Sue - Thanks Ma'am!

  8. lol head wont fit under my hat...

  9. I agree Brian is wonderful...such a lovely share...I love it~

  10. I'm lucky to have two Brian's in my life (really, go check my comments, usually, two Brian's make comments) they both do a lot for me

  11. Brian - thanks for coming by with repeat visits. Not many do that. Thanks a lot!
    Heaven - He is, yes!
    Zongrik - You are lucky,indeed!


  12. What a wonderful poem Hank and perfect in your description and rhyme. Every line you describe is Brian, from what he lets us see of course. You are a poet Hank, did you say you just trying it out in just a year?

    Thank you for the poem, and thank you for the newfound friendship.

  13. Oceangirl Ma'am,
    Thanks for stopping by. Brian is a leader who has shown and created plenty. It's easier to write on him. Just a year but slowly in the beginning, yes!


  14. Wonderful Hank, loved the post,


  15. Oh my gosh it's so Brian, wow you know him, i'm impressed, he totally deserves the honour@ and you are awesome

  16. I agree. Thank you, Brian, and Hank.

  17. Oh what a great job you did. Brian is my poetic hero and you really captured his gift.

  18. yes, indeed! Brian is a great talent and so encouraging to everyone! Thank YOU for acknowledging him!

  19. Thanks for the visit on my Thanksgiving post. I'll be walking off those indulgences today. Enjoyed reading your response to Brian's poem. Have a good one.

  20. Such a nice tribute and shows your poetic ability to "notice" what's around you.

  21. bravo! Dig this write, so fabulous to tribute Brian. You stated that you still grapple with it all...but you also sound as if you're hitting your stride...continue on, stay true to that 'voice' you always hear; cheers ~

  22. I think that maybe a "write a poem about Brian" prompt would be a bit O.K....let's start with this one!

  23. Kool Writeup.
    Keep Groping, keep may –and everyone does– get Down...but to hell with that! Stay in the game.
    Your poetry is wonderful and an asset to the art-form.

  24. Thank you All,
    I can see many just love Brian with all his takes. He writes prolific but still he has time for everyone. I can see 2012 to be a good year!


  25. log live, friendship.

    what a beautiful dig to original post of your friend.

    Excellent poetry,
    Happy Saturday.