Saturday, November 26, 2011

Water Power

Image:1 A flood scene - danger to life!

Image:2 A flood scene - danger to life and property!

Image:3 A flood scene - danger to life and property!

(Picture Credit: Google Images)

Pristine in the dawn morning
Shiny and bright on tip toe
On the window sill dancing
Breaks into droplets flow
Pierced of sharp rays of the sun
Darken on the horizon  
Of rainbow colored hues
Rain drops rushing through
Running  between cracks
Faster than a quarterback
Would love for more

Saturated in hollow truth
It begets flood on the plains
Tugging misery through the mush
Shadowy in likeness
Shallow in thinking
Inundated in a blink
The opening of the sluice gates
Water power!

A wild dance 
Given half a chance
Madness begins
Destruction within!

Submitted for:  3 WordWednesday- with prompts hollow,misery,shallow and
                       d'Verse Poetics with prompt - Wild


  1. water is life giving and life taking it seems.

  2. Water can truly screw us over time and time again
    Yet gives life to all men and women
    Seems it's the same for most all things
    Life and Death waiting in the wings

  3. If you surrender to water, you will float, but if you struggle..

  4. in 1985 we had a huge flood...wiped out my grandmothers house...i remember walking around and seeing bits of her life in the tall branches of trees...harrowing...yet water gives life as well...

  5. Water is life and also brings death too. It is powerful and yet can be gentle but, without it, nothing would live.
    Great image filled piece.

  6. I know how this feels..I have seen destruction first hand by this element.

    Water gives life yet it also takes it away. Lovely share Hank ~

  7. Sheila - the irony of it all,a giver and a taker, how true!

    Pat - a balance as in other things in life and death that it is difficult to fault!

    oceangirl - do not fight fire with fire so they say. A technique is required, agreed!

    Brian - a harrowing experience more so to someone dear.It tugs at the tears knowing when small, a friend and when big a fiend

    Daydreamertoo - an irony and a paradox for which we are thankful and for which is a despair.

    Heaven - sad experience but still appreciated, more appreciated for its life giving goodness

    Thank you All and Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. There's nothing like the reality check of a flood; will never forget watching the waters rise and rise and then afterwards sweeping ankle-deep mud out of my grandmother's house.

  9. Very vivid, Hank--floods turn the beauty of water into a frightening thing.

  10. Wonderfully crafted, Hank; and my compliments to you especially on the last stanza which stands SO wild and strong.

  11. Water life force and force to be reckoned with...Nice poem!

  12. Last summer, we had half of our country in severe drought and half in severe flooding. Water can be so ironic at times. I love the juxtaposition of the images with the initial soft words about water here - it brings an anticipatory dread and sinister feel to the work that is powerful.

  13. there have been way too many floods lately..and water has an unbelievable power to destroy

  14. You capture the essentials of the situation, I think.

  15. Water has hidden dangers though can be very enjoyable. Wonderful poem.