Sunday, February 27, 2022

feeling free is a privilege

                                                                                            Author: anon
Image: Such a relief (here)

the 12 given Wordle words:
turtle neck shell hidden threshold no
spin fiddle amidst noise vinyl design 

feeling free is a privilege
akin to a turtle neck out of its shell
stiff but out in the open
hidden not by choice
on the threshold of discovery

this is no spin to fiddle 
amidst all the noise the past week
lying on the cold vinyl sheet
wondering their designs 
on my captivity
why am I released?

Hank is a single father turning 78 years in August 
with 3 grown-up gainfully employed children with 
5 grandees. Hank's loving spouse, Shadah passed
on 5 years ago after 46 years of blissful marriage.
Hank has a penchant for sketching and drawings.

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #542
Carrie's Sunday Muse #200

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

but in commerce it works perfectly

                                                     Author/Source: Collection Auckland War Memorial Museum 
Image: 1-2 dollar New York; 
sewn together, numbered 3480 (here)

A sudden blackout in class
'No panic' said the Prof
'raise your hands everyone!'

So everyone did and the lights came on
'see! 'the Prof said, 'many hands make light work!
So it did!

Cooperation and cooperating
adding on and sharing
has never failed in time
Somewhat akin to compounding
it worked itself with time

A perfect invention
Call it what may
It may be interest 
or usury in some quarters
but in commerce it works perfectly

Ref. “Many hands make light work.” Adagia

Lillian at d'Verse, a penny for your thoughts

Monday, February 21, 2022

a little a time and enjoying fine dining

                                                                                          Author: syvwlch
Image: Tiny fish and Shiitake mushroom, 
fried and lightly salted to perfection (here)

two scoops would mean
the salted caramel sits on top
prevents fast melting
little tips go a long way
to enjoy salted Japanese 
give due respect
taking time taking bits
akin to a ritual
a little a time and enjoying
dining with no mess 

De at d'Verse - Quadrille #146
let's get salty

Monday, February 7, 2022

well worth the efforts

                                                                                         Author:Bernard DUPONT
Image: Nibbling is an art  (here)

struck and stuck in the middle
unlike nibbling a biscuit nibbling 
on an idea is to travel
in space without really thinking

but unwittingly one idea may be good
it'll register a victory
it gets to change the mood
well worth the efforts certainly
(44 Words)

Mish at d'Verse with Quadrille#145
to include the word 'nibble'

Friday, February 4, 2022

for a taste bud for the hot and spicy

                                                                                   Author: Hank
Image: Hank's own soft pastel sketch of
a Capsicum on an A4 - size dark drawing paper

Glistening with pride hidden a taste, spicy
Fondness for chili peppers amidst fine servings
A capsicum sneaky of yellow, red and green

Gives a kick at lunch mixed with other greens
A salad bowl for a taste bud for hot and spicy
Creates a howl for those timid in their servings

Hotplate with meaty offerings of fine servings
Gnashed and gnawed at chow time of varied greens
Fitting for a King at a lunch sitting all that’s spicy

Spicy servings an adventure with greens

Note: A Tritinas, characterized by repeat 
endings. A revamp of an old posting

Rosemary's at Poets and Storytellers United.
friday-writings - colour

Thursday, February 3, 2022

He kept asking but answers eluded him

                                                                                                Author: BarbicanMan 
Image: Heavenly (here)

Fragments of his memories or
just figments of his imagination
Salacious episodes popping
like crackers all heavy and juicy
Light and dark images dancing
in the shadows gone berserk

Nothing had changed in his routines
But must dreams raucous and ravenous
keep appearing in the still of nights

He watched the clock ticking when
startled from his slumber eyes blurry
Theft of his sleeping hours would leave 
him woozy but he remained uptight

He kept asking but answers eluded him
What could he do to rid off the dilemma
He had not been thoughtless but still his
head kept spinning his thoughts numbed
Not that young to be privileged with
erotic dreams he persisted to get answers

He would like to dream again tonight!

Linda's at d'Verse OLN#309