Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Trying

My luck's waning

Hey, good-looking, what’s cooking?
I ain’t buying, it’s been hurting
Ok, here’s hoping we make amends
Fat chance you were just fooling
Not reassuring ?, ok what’s your bidding
I ain’t telling but your’re good at guessing
Had always been, ok, I’m not complaining
It’s your juice, I’m not listening
As I was saying ….
Take your

The phone went dead – silence!

Ain’t no use crying, it’s a human failing
Not worth demanding, refrain for the time being

It’s frustrating, yes, but quit fretting
Ain’t no use crying, you blew it again!]

Poets United Poetry Pantry # 51

Saturday, May 28, 2011

All is Not Lost

One Winged Wonder

Gazing forlornly across
Silently wingless, almost
What am I to make of this
Destined to be grounded
Unlike little Tinklebell
Soaring above
I’m lost…

No, not just yet
No, I’m in for bigger things
I’ll just have
To get the other half of my wings

The cello's bow can still do without
In fact it’ll not be in the way
Rendering music throughout
Making the most of what’s left of the day

The tide’s coming in
The sky’s blackening
I must do something….

Friday, May 27, 2011


Picture Image: Courtesy of Poets United - Thursday Think Tank

Brownies and All

I just wonder
Would you still remember?
That uncanny tag line
Years before
‘Melts in your mouth, not in your hands’
Promoting a popular brand name
One of the handful among them then
‘Rountrees, Smarties, Cadbury’s’
Those were the days
That I remember
Of milk chocolate bars
Multi-colored Smarties or blue clad Cadbury’s
None of the brownies or chocolate cakes
That we now so often see displayed
At the local cake shops and across the counter
Tell me, was it similar the world over
Could you relate to what I remember?
I just wonder!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mission Unaccomplished

I'm Single, Let's Sizzle!

Cut me loose.
I’m single.
Let’s sizzle

No, brother.
I don’t mingle.
Nor am I dazzled

There’s no other.
None the bother.
None the matter

You sure?
I’m all muddled.
But that’s no riddle

Ok then, no mumble.
This is no jungle.
I’m all befuddled

Ok squared.
I’m not prepared.
This is no fad

OK, don’t be mad.
I don’t feel bad.
I just tried!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Knowledge Abound

Photo Image: Courtesy of Willow's

Hard Cover Lovelies

Books galore!
Nicely arranged
Like Pretty maids in a row

Am I aware of
The titles
The contents
The author?

Shelf upon shelf
Arranged through the
Library of Congress
Are they
Accorded full justice?
Sitting pretty
But untouched
For ages

Who is to be faulted?
The Librarian
the reader
or cyber- space

You guess!

Inspired by Willow's Magpie Tales #66

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Superstitions Still Hold True

Photo Image: Courtesy of Writer's Island

Believing - To Each his Own!

Am I led to believe superstition still holds true
In this age and time may be yes, with the few
Gritting their teeth armed with good luck charms
To remain protected from untoward harm

A rabbit’s foot is cruelty of a kind
A four leaf clover a gem of a find
Difficult to look for but easy to stumble upon
But an old horse-shoe, is an easier option

Grandmother stories passed down for generations
Which may appear weird in all its innocence
Young maidens to refrain from singing in the kitchen
Lest one gets betrothed to an elderly suitor the reason
Logically enthralled with singing, burnt rice* may be the result
Don’t sit on your pillow, lest you develop boils on your butt
Logically you rest your head on one not your rear
But such stories abound really just to instil fear

Feng shui spawned countless books offering reasons
Follow some set rules and avoidance of certain decisions
Correction of afflictions are readily preached
Of known mistakes that are unwittingly breached

Surprisingly enough though there are some not easily explained
Don’t proceed with your journey if a black cat cuts across your path
Continue with your journey don’t turn around for a forgotten item
Lest good things pass you by, don’t break the mirror or a drinking glass

Just avoid the undesirables so say the adage
They might just work to your advantage
To each his own, may be good to be forewarned
Even though these are devoid of logical explanations

Nonetheless the mark of a superstitious soul
Which may be valid in time these beliefs of old

*Note: In the villages in the old days where rice was cooked using fire-wood
where one must be alert to avoid burnt-rice