Friday, December 31, 2010

Towards 2011

Picture image: Courtesy of Google

(A haiku to usher in a Very Good Year, pray so!)

Embark On A Hope

A Happy New Year
Everyone all over
To all and sundry

Two, O eleven
Will be a very good year
Let us make it so

Pray all will be well
No conflicts, no tears, no blood,
No calamities

Business will be good
No Maddox nor Bank failures
Households are all smiles

Inspired by Writer's Island Prompt #01, 2011
Submitted to One Stop Poetry

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Remember Her By

Image: courtesy of Willow's

She's gone! Only a pair of leather gloves that's left to remind me of her.

( This is a second poem extended to me by poet Norzah. I wish to thank poet Norzah for allowing it to be shared with others in Magpie. The first poem is here.)

Hugging the Night

I bumped into the thickness
Of the night's blackness
And broke my nose
What stupidity and recklessness.

Gazing too long at the blank
Of night without your smile
And knowing it wouldn't be there
For quite a long while

Though seldom do we meet
Each is a memory to keep
Remaining fresh like a plucked rose
Kept on water in sweet repose

Bon voyage to the morn
That will take her to distant shore
In her absence i'll hug the night
Hoping it'll break my nose no more.

Inspired by Willow's Magpie #46

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Golden Years

A Balancing Act

We have to meet this way?
Every time?
Can't we just sit on a bench like everybody else?
My aching back
What's wrong?
Old age!

(140 characters)

Inspired by Micro Fiction #63

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

In the Christmas Spirit

Exuberance exudes expectations
Exhilarating and happy
Forgiving in humility

Mistletoe and kisses
Brightness, colorful lights sparkling
A Christmas tree twinkling

Gratitude and bulky socks
All that you desire
Presents galore

But Santa, where is Santa?
A fleeting moment
And he’s gone

No more bright lights
Nor fireworks
Life mocks

But a bountiful New Year lies ahead!

Submitted to Moondustwriter's Thursday - Special Christmas Eve Poetry
And Poetry Potluck - Celebrations and Festivities

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

La Tour Eiffel

The iron lady - image taken on Dec 21, 2010, showing a romantically lighted structure amidst all the slush of snow on the ground typical of the current cold spell in Europe.

Never you mind !

Gay Paree, what's to see
La dame de fer, profoundly
towering 324 metres

But devoid of visitors
Never you mind !

Shivers the current cold spell
Engineer Gustave Eiffel
Must you know?

But now carpeted with snow
Never you mind !

Tallest man-made structure
Entrance arch, the 1889 World’s Fair
Had your fair share
Held the title for 41 years

But surpassed in 1930 by the Chrysler's
Never you mind !

Appearing as upstart
Always in my heart
A romantic icon
For all seasons

But holding out on your own
Never you mind !

Submitted for One Shot Wednesday Week #25

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Moon

(Photo image courtesy of Google)

The Moon Speaks to Me

Norzah is an accomplished writer, poet, political commentator and analyst on the contemporary scene.

As i gazed in wondrous admiration
At the moon in full apparition
The moon asked me in a mocked surprise
Why do you so love me my dear
Staring at me hour after hour
For the world knows i am arid and barren
No air, no water and utterly forsaken
I am so ordinary my friend
Just a lonely planet trying to blend.

I could only smile and answer drowsily
Being wildly happy that she speaks to me
Let me tell you this secret oh my sweetie pie
To me you've always been the queen of the night sky
Since childhood I doted upon thee in my dream
A dream so sweet and fresh like the dairy cream
And nothing can ever change it's heavenly flavor
Your smile is the luminary of my ardent fervor
Which this mundane world could never satisfy
Hence only on you could i ever rely
To fulfill this craving heart
For a love that will never part.

The moon smiled and faded away into the might
Leaving me with a chill and a fright.
- Norzah

(Note: This verse was sent to me by poet and blogger Norzah a few days ago. I wish to share it with all visitors. Norzah's permission is hereby gratefully acknowledged)

Inspired by Writer's Island Prompt #33 - Wondrous

Submitted for Poetry Potluck # 15 - Reflections, Interpretations and Musings

Friday, December 17, 2010


A Whiff of Betrayal

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Romeo and Juliet, of young lovers
As Shakespeare would have wanted it
A tragedy of sorts that long hovers

Outwardly seen and seemingly oblivious
Of what outcome on unpaved lanes
Isn’t it out in the open , and pretty obvious
Wrought with sorrow and lots of pain!

Cast a blind eye and sadden with laughter
Regretfully betrayed in a web of intrigues
Wild flashes and staccato bursts of gunfire
Enemies within hidden but well in league

Submitted for Thursday Think Tank #28, Smell

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Salad Bowl

I've accompanied this posting with my own sketch above of soft pastel on an A4 size dark creative paper.

Hot Capsicum

Glistening with pride
Fondness for chili peppers
A green capsicum

Gives a kick at lunch
Amidst bunched with other greens
hot and spicy stance

Hotplate with servings
Gnashed, gnawed spicing up the chow
fitting for a King

A haiku for One Stop Wednesday Week #24