Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Moon

(Photo image courtesy of Google)

The Moon Speaks to Me

Norzah is an accomplished writer, poet, political commentator and analyst on the contemporary scene.

As i gazed in wondrous admiration
At the moon in full apparition
The moon asked me in a mocked surprise
Why do you so love me my dear
Staring at me hour after hour
For the world knows i am arid and barren
No air, no water and utterly forsaken
I am so ordinary my friend
Just a lonely planet trying to blend.

I could only smile and answer drowsily
Being wildly happy that she speaks to me
Let me tell you this secret oh my sweetie pie
To me you've always been the queen of the night sky
Since childhood I doted upon thee in my dream
A dream so sweet and fresh like the dairy cream
And nothing can ever change it's heavenly flavor
Your smile is the luminary of my ardent fervor
Which this mundane world could never satisfy
Hence only on you could i ever rely
To fulfill this craving heart
For a love that will never part.

The moon smiled and faded away into the might
Leaving me with a chill and a fright.
- Norzah

(Note: This verse was sent to me by poet and blogger Norzah a few days ago. I wish to share it with all visitors. Norzah's permission is hereby gratefully acknowledged)

Inspired by Writer's Island Prompt #33 - Wondrous

Submitted for Poetry Potluck # 15 - Reflections, Interpretations and Musings


  1. I very often look at the moon and think of many things.
    It was a real pleasure to read your poem.
    It was excellent.


  2. nice writing style.
    love the photo too..

  3. lovely to read....she is a most inspiring sight...

  4. Perfect projection of what we get when we focus on a blank slate..lucky to receive such good poetry and thanks for passing it on!

  5. You have changed your blog name?

    what a magical piece.
    animated and fun writing..


  6. Dear Sir Hank,

    You are right. the photo is most inspiring, befitting Sir Norzah's deep and provoking poem.

  7. Really classic style, I read this after missing the eclipse over southern england today due to snow clouds in the sky.

  8. Yvonne,
    the moon sure evokes strange feelings, thanks

    I like your poem too, been there, thanks!

    Yes truly is

  9. Lyn,
    Share and share alike, thanks!

    No, I've not. This is a new blog solely for poetry. 'birdhouse' will have both prose and verse. Thanks!

  10. Ninot Ma'am,
    Yes, hopefully Norzah would sustain. It seems there's a lot more where that came from.

  11. Roy,
    It's a pity you missed it. There'll be other eclipse in future. Thanks for dropping by

  12. Lovely poem- thanks for sharing it with us.Skies were dark and drizzly here- so no eclipse this time!

  13. lovely poem- just great! mines here-

  14. kathew,
    thanks, we are sunny here, prickly and sweaty, would love the snow!

    thanks for visit and have returned yours.

  15. Dear Sir Hank,

    I had a lovely time. And thought I'd send you my four year old's doodle - Ikesha's Goat:

  16. Dear Ninot Ma'am,
    Thank you, it's a privilege! As I mentioned in my text earlier, it was close to 1500hrs. BTW, told Pakcik and visited Cat.

    Will see the doodle, thanks!

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