Friday, September 30, 2022

extending a service so noble

                                                                     Author:Source/Photographer Birgit Brånvall
Image: Array of Museum Exhibits (here)

Placed at an unflattering position on the body
But extending a service so noble, what an irony

Man or rather woman had it all worked out
Make it look good current in fashion
A bee-line to known shoemakers be part of the crowd
Royals and celebrities for the same quality brand 
To be a regular at perhaps Jimmy Choo’s
Princess Di before and others with fashion sense
Considered to have arrived with such shoes
Announced as as one of Jimmy's clients

It served its purpose for what was intended
For it was meant also for protection
Dainty feet against the vagaries of nature tendered
In many sports of various extractions
As an accessory in dressing and finery of elegance
At work place with steel tips as shoes of safety

But man had refused to forget its lowly position
Essentially it relates to the cultures of many societies
Sitting with the soles facing someone in front is insulting
Having one thrown at you is worse
and that had happened since
To two Presidents of different countries no less

Treat it well, with acts of love so refined
Treat it with respect, it then stays at the feet
Treat others with disrespect then one may just find
it flying at one’s face to even out a dictator's misdeeds

Sudden piercing highs

                                                                                  Author: Bruce Marlin
Image: A Cicada (here)

Melts the quiet of twilight
Sudden piercing highs
But just as suddenly it
turns melodious

lingering but firm

Oblivious of the
encroaching dark, 
An eerie
ensemble beckons

Loudest insect cry
Mating game or distress call
All sounding the same

An orchestra for
the long haul 
Throughout the night
Morbid in nature

Grace at d'Verse OLN #324

Friday, September 23, 2022

Brought back home in body-bags!

                                                                                                 Author: Alex Proimos
Image: Devastation (here)

Very familiar occurrence
The sign of times
Currently in many parts of the globe
Wandering amidst the debris
And man-made destruction
Staccato bursts of gunfire
Intimidating to the populace
Hearing bombs in the distance
Frightening to those under siege
Melodious to the marauders

Embedded with a detachment
Seeing action before his own eyes
The newsman and photographer
Unarmed, untrained, unaccounted for
Who could only sigh and hope
That the next sniper’s target
Would not have him at the crosshairs
As did some of his colleagues
Who had been there earlier
Unfortunate enough to be seen
And later picked up still in camouflage
But wet, bathed red with their own blood
Unsung, unknown but just another
To add to the growing number
Of the forgotten victims of human conflict
Not directly involved
Who dared to be in the front
Just so for the benefit of those
Back home sitting sipping coffee
Comfortably in front of the idiot box
Waiting eagerly for the latest

From the newsmen with pads or cameras
Whose numbers are increasingly
Brought back home in body-bags!

Rosemary's at PSU - Friday Writings -War and Peace

Monday, September 5, 2022

Work is Responsibility

                                                                                  Author: Texas State Archives 
Image: In Her Private Sanctuary (here)

blessed be a home ideally 
happy and peaceful raising 
a family pandering to success 
tacitly devoid of carnage
modern living with added 
pressure would impinge on the 
matriarch who works without pay 
her domain in the kitchen 
organised but her services 
taken for granted 
(44 words)

JadeLi at d'Verse - Quadrille 159

Sunday, September 4, 2022

A Mommy's Pride

    Author: Robin Macmilla (here)
APOLOGIES  -  In keeping with the theme of 'striving for the best' Hank included recent 
photos of the good showing of Hank's 'grandy'. Hopefully it is acceptable. Thank you!
Image: Nabil walking confidently 
upon completing his last paper

From Mommy's Facebook posting recalling the event
The day he left the premises after his last paper, we felt a weight 
off our shoulders. Slowly anxiety crept in instead. What will 
the results be like. BigBoy studied for once in his life! I actually 
saw him putting we held out breath.

The eventual results, the equivalent of the 'O' level acquired through the neighbourhood's
International School. BigBoy Nabil is now pursuing his A - Levels at the local College. His
good showing even secured him a scholarship from the College. 

From Mommy's Facebook posting. 
And I am glad he took it seriously in his own way. Congratulations young man! This sets 
the benchmark for BabyGirl?  Nope. Each child will have their own path. Respect children 
for who they are. BigSmallBoy is rightly following behind too!                                                                                                                 
Image: Nabil celebrated his birthday 
recently on Aug 31st, a Merdeka baby!

From Mommy's Facebook Posting:

Happy Birthday Young Man!
Its been 17 years since U made me Mommy and to many more to come. I love you loads. 
Our journey may not be the finest but it has made us who we are today. I promise not to 
eat your crunchy ears or juicy nose.

                                                                                       Author: Qaty (for all the photos)
A Family of Riders : From left BabyGirl Sara Ayesha (who has been on the podium 
a few times lately) BigSmallBoy Naqip, Dad Hafidz (Hank's second son) Mommy 
Qaty and BigBoy Nabil

Carrie's at The Sunday Muse #226