Friday, December 2, 2011

Unruly Assembly

Humdrum of a vile assembly
Igniting phases of idyllic supremacy
An ideology succumbed  to  violence
Fiercely opposed imbibed with vengeance
Autocracy is dead, hail democracies
Reeked of sub human tendencies
Young and old of humid tantrums
Killing and laughing in unison
Without remorse and  kicking
Reeling beyond reason but standing
A common slant to a power crazy syndrome
The new propped up and old jettisoned

Behave treacherous mob!

A sudden awakening
Dubbed the Arab Spring
Across boundaries vibrating
On countries long in acquiescence
Disrupting a structure of power
Of benevolent despots, dictators
Sacked from their power base
Kicked out in disgrace
One dragged through the mud tortured
Who, not too long ago, a demagogue

Then Occupy Wall St
An overkill, raving in its stead
Sacrilege replete with warnings
Unfinished business unflinching
Financial Whiz kids, bankers
Option seekers, failed investors
Saved by bailouts
Not done yet , another fallout?
Still apparent and sensing
Waiting in the wings
Bidding their time to hoodwink


  1. An unruly assembly, a murdered despot and occupy movement...we live in exciting times, do we ~

  2. Yes they truly just spin some yarn and expect the wool to stay over everyone's eyes and for many it does. Sad state of affairs.

  3. Hey, life is a tea party.

    Great use of the words.

  4. very nice...strong voice hank...i like...yes they are waiting int he wings...they took our money and will once more if we let them...crazy world in which we live...

  5. This was really good, definitely a vocabulary avalanche.

  6. ..Reeked of sub human tendencies.. strong voice in this hank.. sometimes i'm wondering where this is all going....

  7. Your poem flows, easily, smoothly, yet heavy with meaning and power.

  8. We never know what is around the corner in the life of the world, do we, Hank? Who could have predicted some of the things you wrote about in this poem? And who can predict tomorrow? A powerful write.

  9. this is again a wonderful observation of what kind of world we live in. as how everyone said, strong voice in every line...

    love it Pareng Hank!


  10. While the rationale of the Real is litanized here, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of metaphor, symbolism or allegory. This seems like a protesting protest poem which could certainly could be read satirically which I assume is how you meant it. Certainly as such it is quite fine..not quite suited to the article.

  11. This is great Hank, wonderful word content and as always a pleasure to read.


  12. Beachanny Ma'am,
    How nice of you to take the trouble for a serious view of the relationship to the d'Verse prompt. You're absolutely right!
    It was written specifically for 3WW. I later linked it to d'Verse for want of a posting immediately at hand. I didn't make any changes that was why. Thanks for the tip!


  13. Very powerful poem. I like the way you helped illustrate the way many world events are interconnected.