Thursday, October 8, 2020

saving grace in hardships

                                                 Attribution: Wellcome Collection gallery 
Image: Helping a Stranger (here)

"Always in these friendships
one serves the other," 
-   The Triumph Of Achilles by Louise Gluck

never had it been ignored
the chain of relief to assist
deserving for such discord
that happened hard to resist

saving grace in hardships
unexpected entry of a stranger
always in these new friendships 
one serves the other

in reality the help was God-sent
for one's good deeds in return
old act in extending a helping hand
guiding the lights of Providence

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  1. Very beautifully written, Hank. I love this one.

  2. I believe in this - good deeds return in helping others.

  3. Great poem Hank... yes the experience of extending a helping hand in time of need is being "the Word made flesh"... The essence of God!

  4. "in reality the help was God-sent" - Yes. The brevity, the condensed passion, the terse analytic tone, gives added power to what is said. So wonderfully done, Hank.

  5. Hi Hank. I’m a day late getting around to reading others works. This prompt was Rob with procrastination for me. Love what you did here. Starting with the words of Louise was a wonderful introduction to your fine poem.Well written!

  6. It must always be reciprocal.

  7. Greetings Hank! A beautiful poem .....

  8. Hank, I very much love the holistic aspect of your poem. Wherever it comes from, helping others in need generates the warm fuzzies. We need more of it in the world.

  9. I think that having the possibility and means to help is truly a grace... we need to use it with open eyes.

  10. Yes! Good deeds return again and again....and can be cyclical. Saving grace....