Friday, October 23, 2020

A logical extension of restraints

                                                                                             Attribution:Arne List
Image:  A Drab Winter Scene (here)

If winter is death, surely, 
red-slashed autumn is the wound that brought it.
A logical extension of restraints 
as colours would have determined

Is it intended that a copper tone is aligned
to reddish hues to beset the season's change

How unkind to view such an outcome
Perhaps unfairly exhorted 
by way of colours for winter 
will be bathed not in
pure and unstained white
but brown to red

Surely the correlation is tweaked more
towards the impending expectations 
of winter's cold and activities curtailed
that it reveals a deathly feeling

Yes, perhaps the feeling is akin 
to making the best of situations 
not unlike adjusting to the new normal
of the pandemic's inconveniences

Dylan's at MLMM's  - First Line Friday


  1. Most thought provoking Hank which will remain with me today.
    Well done.


  2. Some major inconveniences all right!
    I like to think of the colors of autumn as a prelude to the beauty of winter's snow.

  3. Fall is a blaze with color then the color wanes and all we see is grey. Until, the first white snow blankets the earth. While winter is cold and dreary there is something beautiful in fresh fluffy snow. I think of snow angels and winter blue skies.