Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pleiades are of the mysterious 'seven' in the heavens

                                                                                      Author:Pablo Carlos Budassi
Image: The Pleiades star cluster as photographed 
by Pablo Carlos Budassi an amateur astronomer (here)

Pleiades are of the mysterious 'seven' in the heavens
Lie in a cluster but claimed by many in contention
Exopolitics believe they are off-world distant cousins to humans
Iroquois petition the constellation for happiness and salvation 
Assist humanity in spiritual transformation echoed the Pleiadians
Distinctive Nordic, appearance still in progress in evolutionary terms
Earth's closest cluster used cosmic distance ladder to plot distances 
Subaru took it upon themselves as their logo in  all permanence

Note: The Pleiades or the 'Seven Sisters' is a conspicuous cluster of stars in 
the constellation Taurus. In Greek mythology, these are the seven daughters 
of Titan Atlas and Oceanid Pleione who were turned into a group of stars. 

Hank chose the  ACROSTIC poem of PLEIADES 
with each letter starting the first word of subsequent lines

Laura's at d'Verse's Poetics - stars that count


  1. You've managed to encapsulate our whole history of appreciating the Pleiades into your poem, Hank. Impressive!

  2. "Assist humanity in spiritual transformation echoed the Pleiadians"

    We need their input in this tis time of Covid19

    Nice acrostic Hank. Happy you dropped by to read mine


  3. I'm glad you included
    "Subaru took it upon themselves as their logo in all permanence" for many cultures have a myth around that star cluster and no less in Japan is their sun's bead necklace

  4. love the bit about the Iroquois - my ancestors thank you

  5. I had not thought about the car-makers logo... even the stars have to lend themselves to marketing.

  6. I think the Iroquois had the right idea!

  7. All different views yet one in the same

  8. Nice acrostic Hank, well written.

  9. You've provided us a lesson on this constellation - how various cultures and mythology explain the Seven Sisters.....and you've done it without making it seem like a lesson at all and put it into an acrostic! Well done!