Sunday, November 29, 2020

submerged in murky waters unperturbed

                                                                                          Attribution: anon
Image: Water acrobatics (here)

11 of 12 given words:
ice obstinate murky  garble drama quite 
surrender lighthouse bestow crumble spills 

ice-cold but am I being obstinate
submerged in murky waters unperturbed
no way to communicate but garbled drama

am not quite rational in my thinking
to surrender to the pleadings 
of the lighthouse-keeper 
who is bent on entertaining visitors
to his abode recently bestowed with honor
and appreciation for having located
a vessel that crumbled on the rocks

I am now being asked to do spills and splits
in this glass cage in the absence 
of other forms of entertainment
after all the visitors having braved
the elements coming this far

Chrissa at Sunday Muse #136
MMT's Wordle $217


  1. This was a nice lighthouse write, Hank. They always have held a priority place for me, I've visited several. At one time our Bolivar Peninsula Lighthouse about 60 miles south of Houston but closer to us and in our county, was open to the public. They needed a show such as yours for making it a bigger attraction. I believe it is closed to visitors now.
    Yes, my poor little fish was in a "Hell on earth for her." Pets are at the mercy of their owners.

    1. Hank, I was wrong. Our lighthouse is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday at noons for 24 hours.

    2. Theirs is a lonely life Dr Jim. Even with an 'open day' it would be asking for a lot to expect throngs of visitors but still they should be happy to see some interested beings!


    3. That should be good Dr Jim as more days are made available means more visitors are expected to come!

  2. It must be such a lonely life with no one to share feelings
    Just the performance from day to day

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Hank


  3. As I spend each day alone I can relate to this poem Hank. as always a wonderful verse from you and making good use of the given words.


  4. "I am now being asked to do spills and splits
    in this glass cage in the absence " - perfect.

  5. Very sad to be held prisoner like that.

  6. It captures a life held captive in more than one way. Intense and great writing Hank. Always wonderful to see you at the Muse!

  7. I love every bit of this poem, and that ending packs a punch!

  8. Garbled drama is an apt description of current events, yes.