Monday, November 9, 2020

emptiness swirling around him

Image:  Walking reflection - aimlessly trudging (here)

whistling in the wind (trying unsuccessfully to 
change something which cannot be changed)

He often feels the loneliness of times, the emptiness swirling around
him not really a bother as it was more of desperation. Clawing through
that misty morning not finding the desired opening is depressing. It wears
off the initiative to render a sudden feeling of helplessness. A barrier is
always popping up to stifle the probing mind
Myriads of options but there is nothing behind the wall except a space 
where the wind whistles. His mind numb hands flailing uncontrollably, 
searching for a solution. Whistling in its innocence does not move 
mountains but keeps staring fixedly not at him but through him offering 
a sly smile. An occasional wink provides a slight respite.

The much-feared writer's block? Facing it squarely with defiance is an 
exercise of consternation. A better alternative is to abandon the throes 
of frustration to fight another day. Take a walk!
(144 words)

Merril at d'Verse - prosery


  1. So frustrating Hank, when it feels like you got it — but no!

  2. This describes writer's block perfectly. It's in your hands at one point when it's actually a shadow.

  3. I think your conclusion is right. Go for a walk and let the wind sweep away the mind's cobwebs.

  4. Hank, been there, done that. Excellent advice to take a walk and loosen up that grip.

  5. You describe that sense of "barrier" perfectly. And the solution: take a walk!

  6. I have "Witier's Block" with the book I'm working on Hank, mainly because of the situation the world is in....... but must get motivated again.

    Take care, loved your verse.

  7. Taking a walk is a great solution! (And a shower also works.) 😀

  8. I walk so much these days so I know the feeling.

  9. Sometimes no matter what, just have to take a walk