Friday, November 6, 2020

colour me fair for it flows

                                                                                      Author: Okkatie
Image:  Acrylic on panel (here)

pour your heart's out
colour me fair for it flows
cleanly along the tilted canvas
black on white colours of opposing forces
the pattern discerned when 
it finds its own level
it runs the whole gamut 
of the four season's play
of greenery blazing yellow copper 
black and white of the cold months

all on its own strength
making brave red facing a crowd
kaleidoscopic and reminiscent
of the rainbow spanning the sky
to showcase strength and vitality

enhanced with silicone drops
or thicker resins with drops of glue
as a show of tenacity all on the groove 
of the swipes using plastic sheets and chains
plus flip cups of varied sizes and shapes
a show of versatility of yellow

acrylic pour painting with bubbles
at its best magenta pink blazing red 
turquoise blue to be swirled and torched
to invoke a warm and heated effect

the technicalities and items involve
a new normal like the pandemic
unlike the quaint brush strokes 
of peaceful blue of yesteryears
Such is the acrylic pour painting of today

Grace at d'Verse MTB - synesthesia of colors


  1. Wonderful to read Hank,Yes, the pandemic has brought a new "Normal" into our lives......and we can't do a thing to change it.
    Have a good weekend and keep well and safe.

  2. Sure a painting that is choas all its own these days

  3. Pour painting is fascinating to watch being made but I just can't truly like it... because it is unlike the quaint brush strokes
    of peaceful blue of yesteryears
    Very thoughtful poem and synesthesia is lovely

  4. I love the thought of following all those colors being poured.

  5. Pour it all out on the canvas. Hank, thanks for joining in.