Saturday, December 19, 2020

the present is leading to despair

                                                                                              Picture: Laura Nyro
Image: Drowning her Sorrows  (here) 

the 10 of 12 given words:
seem fly stream swim present 
lean mouths trim after fire 

time seems to fly away
just as the stream glides fast
to swim the waters at play
is a thing of the past

the present is leading to despair
lean in outlook prospects a gamble
mouths to feed jobs getting rare
politics may head into a muddle

to trim down after-effects of division
among opinions of the elusive vaccine
is providing fire in the imagination 
hoping a happy solution is forthcoming

Fireblossom at Sunday Muse #139
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #486


  1. Excellently put Hank. I agree despair is all around, here in the UK they have found a new strain of the virus and may well go back into lockdown.
    Stay safe and well yourself.

  2. Cheers Hank! Happy Holidays .... stay safe.

  3. It IS hard to cling to optimism in these cloudy days of political and medical haze. May you find some of that optimism for your holidays!

  4. Thanks for being part of this week's Muse, Hank!

  5. Despair has been in the news and all around us indeed. Great use of the words and image Hank. Always glad to see you at the Muse!

  6. Love the wistful beginning & the return of hope toward the end. May the low point have already passed!

  7. Well said, Hank. Times are tough for sure. Stay safe!

  8. Hank, you speak volumes of truth, despair is everywhere these days. Stay safe and healthy my friend.

  9. These are dark days of pandemic. Happy for the light of Christmas Season
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today

    Merry Christmas


  10. "among opinions of the elusive vaccine
    is providing fire in the imagination" - yes indeed!

  11. Despair certainly owns headlines, but now with the vaccine there is budding hope joy will return.

  12. As we used to say in high school, this write of yours tells of a "Mell of a Hess." Nice use of your words, Hank.

  13. This is well written, Hank. The words were used to advantage. I am in despair mode right now, waiting for "that shot in the arm" to go on.

  14. Strong piece Hank. I lost the string tying it to Laura, but the piece certainly makes a statement. Well written. I am listening to Laura as I write this. Damn she was good.