Friday, December 4, 2020

sustenance of unarmed combat

                                                                                 Author Николай Максимович
Image: Bruce Lee statue (here)

how he stood his grounds
and the music stopped for an eerie silence
enough for those expecting things to happen
but the music erupted again
accompanied by flashes  of red and orange
rays that plunged and rose again

sustenance of unarmed combat
highlighted by the grace of movements
this time error-free but in peaceful blue
with a sudden shriek of blood-curling shout
that stabbed the air hand in hand
with bluish-gray culminating in deathly black

it went a level higher in a melee weapons attack
such is the grace of poetry in motion
movements of ballet stature but of brute force
seen in a dance sequence of colors
Grace at d'Verse MTB - synesthesia


  1. Very nicely done. A great take on the prompt.

  2. I really saw the colours reading this: you brought out the 'art' in 'martial art' - nicely done!

  3. I enjoyed this Hank, Bruce was a fascinating person to watch is the executed his craft. Definitely poetry in motion.

  4. I so admire his movements - grace of poetry in motion! I remember his shout before his calm but brutal force.

  5. Yet another wonderful verse Hank. Most enjoyable to read.


  6. A body in motion is perfect music