Tuesday, January 12, 2021

an object of envy

                                                                                                 Author: Alexandre Louis
Image: A Brouhot Car in Paris in 1910 (here)

this is not a car
but a convenient item
of a people mover
an object of envy
when in flashy red
of a branded make

it epitomizes success
in the rat race of yuppies
especially accentuated
adorned with a pretty face
at the passenger seat

an object of love
more of value
to the passenger seated
such is the way
but the beauty of it all
when you are 
in the driver's seat
you are the prime mover

Mish at d'Verse Poetics - an object poem


  1. That's a great photo: how amazing must a car have seemed back then! It's still a very useful item, but I wish we'd find a way to run them without fossil fuels, and actually used it!

  2. I dislike that they have become symbols of success, as if a fellow who drives a Cadillac is somehow superior to the fellow who drives the Ford pick-up. Our values are so skewed! I like your term "ratrace of yuppies!"

  3. Oh the freedom of cars - too intoxicating.

  4. It's a heady place to be, as the "prime mover"! Perceptive points you make about cars being more than just tools for the status-seekers.

  5. Motor vehicles have symbolized many things over time and you've highlighted many of them here.

  6. You nailed it! We are reflections of the vehicles we drive ~~~ much of the time.

  7. Haha made me smile, cars are surely not just "cars" thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this... the car is a status symbol, but it is best symbolized when we are in the driver's seat. Very good!

  9. Cars do become extensions of their drivers. We have become integrated in a way with our machines.

  10. Amazing how much a car can be, when in reality it's just a people mover..