Thursday, February 4, 2021

enraptured comprehending so feeble

                                                                  Author:Clara Taggart MacChesney
Image: Age of Innocence (here)

that innocent look of an angel
leafing and reading slowly across
enraptured comprehending so feeble
not wanting to appear lost

demure and forlornly stable
reacting to one so disappointing
why are they not readily able
but to a flare-up in an eye of a blink

why aren’t humans all angels
so sincere and helpful to all
have a world in entirety central
to be devoid of faults walking tall

to forgive and forget is apt
angels do that all the time
but humans not one to adapt
stained and soiled in grime

Lillian at d'Verse OLN - in my circle


  1. Indeed - alas, forgiving and forgetting are not exactly one of humanity's strong points...

  2. Oh yes, Hank, I agree, 'why aren’t humans all angels' who forgive and forget all the time.

  3. Some important questions posed here, Hank: are we able to forgive ourselves? And is that where all of our troubles begin?

  4. I have known countless angels in my lifetime, and a few of the opposite variety. Your poem is thoughtful, wise.

  5. Yes, Hank. Humans are indeed not all angels. How I wish each human had a guardian angel perched atop their shoulder who could guide them through life. Maybe it would be a much gentler world if this were the case.

  6. "To Forgive And Forget Is Apt" how very true Hank.
    An essential part of life.
    Great verse .

  7. Ah, but that is the challenge isn't it? To live in a world where humans are less than angels.

  8. Maybe we need a bit of darkness... if all humans where angellike it could be overbearing.