Tuesday, February 9, 2021

I am no host do you hear!

                                                                          Author:Ellie Burgin on Pexels.com

 Image:  Insistence on living (here)

Standing alone in semi-darkness
Tenacity is my bother
Despite losing a few petals
Confidence helps me to hold out

I am no host do you hear!
No pesky fungi spores 
Need land on me
Do not spoil my existence

You animal!  oops!
You are neither animal, plant nor bacteria\
You had better decide
What are you anyway
To think you have your own kingdom

So what?
You can't even move
Or grow on your own steam
You are nearer to a living dead

I am no host do you hear!

Note: Hank having fun here.
Never knew fungi can be fun, yes!

Sarah at d'Verse Poetics  -  having fun with fungi
MLMM's Photo Challenge #353


  1. Hahaha, I love the attitude in this poem especially here:

    "I am no host do you hear!
    No pesky fungi spores
    Need land on me
    Do not spoil my existence"

    So defiant and blunt, the flower! Fungi don't have it easy with the fellow kingdoms.

    Spot on with the kingdom classification. Not quite animal or plant. Fungi are their own type of trip. :D And hopefully, the fun kind!

  2. Yes, better stay away from those parasitical fungi!

  3. Haha That daisy has spunk! You have been warned fungi.

  4. Apparently societies can be divided into mycophilic or mycophobic. It's pretty clear where this daisy sits! Lots of fun, and a bit of science, too.

  5. No peeing on the flowers or the fungi!

  6. To me your verse reminded me of life, we have to have tenacity to get by in certain situations.
    Thanks for a great verse Hank.

  7. This is cool Hank. Fungi seem to exhibit little life, but they can be amazingly prolific. I am sharing this interesting fact today: A “Armillaria Ostoyae” mushroom, in the Malheur National Forest, in the Strawberry Mountains of eastern Oregon, was found to be the largest fungal colony in the world, spanning an area of 3.5 square miles (2,200 acres; 9.1 km2).

    1. That's amazing Rob! Wonder what it is able to support? A Mushroom industry within? Hank is just thinking aloud. Hank is curious. Will check it out certainly. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Fungi need a host to grow on... but sometimes there is a symbiosis

  9. You know you're close to the end when the fungi come. I like your fun and educational poem, Hank. Amazing to think they have their own kingdom!