Sunday, March 15, 2020

a scramble to stock up

                                                                                                Courtesy of Sunday Muse
Image:  A Slice of Goodness (here)

a quarter sliced off
is not good enough a protection
used to be an apple a day
to keep the doctor away
not any more that holds sway
now that many doctors
have all gone bananas!

yes, bananas!
vitamin B6 laden
to boost the immune system

a scramble to stock up
the answer to the corona virus
in the absence of a potent serum
bananas to exert confidence
face masks not enough protection

mindful of a new-found insistence
a banana a day
to keep the pesky corona virus away

Fireblossom's at Sunday Muse #99


  1. I like the movement between apples, health, craziness, and bananas!

  2. Bananas, hmmm? *side-eyes a stash of frozen bananas*

  3. This is wonderful! Going bananas ~~ yep.

  4. I wish it were just an apple a day! Going bananas for sure, I think many have temporary lost their minds.

  5. Wow, easy toe see what's on everyone's mind, even for a poetry challenge! Happy weekend, Hank. :-)

  6. Yes an apple a day can't keep the doctor away and the world has gone bananas! Timely, clever, and wonderful writing Hank! Thanks for joining us for the 99th Muse!

  7. Maybe an apple AND a banana would work? Stay well, Hank.

  8. haha maybe it is a combo of the two. Bananas would go like Toilet paper if it were true.

  9. Good thing we have bananas right now!

  10. I always try to have bananas in the house. Love this, Hank!

  11. Bananas have long been a staple at our house. Good heavens, I hope bananas don't become in short supply! At least the bonkers people who are stockpiling toilet paper can't stockpile bananas. They'd spoil! It does seem common sense flew out the window when corona virus flew in, doesn't it?