Friday, April 7, 2017

A penchant for the outdoors

                                                                                            Artist: Kaoru Kawano
Image: Gentle Breeze (here)

G for Gentle Breeze  in the Quest to be Healthy

Swarmed by a realization
Recounting an earlier episode
Of a sudden bout of sniffling nose
Wondering what could be the cause

Pensive in tolerance of irritations
Realizing fully well a mood
Bidding for lots of rest
As was suggested for recuperation
Perhaps that was the reason

A penchant for the outdoors
The love of the gentle breeze
Missing in his life's choices lately

Cooped up to a session of inactivity
How he had missed freedom
To be unshackled from a
monotonous mundane existence
Magnanimous now to his person
He longed for the luxuriant
greenery of Spring!

Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  let's paint a picture
A to Z Challenge for G


  1. A lovely choice of picture which fitted your G for Gentle Breeze perfectly. Nice mash up here, Hank. I could not agree more with your sentiments.

  2. Ah I fully understand the appreciation to Spring outdoors, after the Winter

    Nice poem

    Here the breeze is good for kite flying but this year the Sahara dust in the gusty winds is causing a lot of ill ease. Hot hot dry weather here

    much love...

  3. The gentle breeze goes so well with the painting.........hope you are feeling better, Hank!

  4. Longing for freedom can be suffocating one's mind.
    I like the poem, Hank

  5. Great prompt mashup! I love those raven locks in the print, and the way you've swayed them toward rejuvenation.

  6. Thank you for letting us drift for this while in your wonderful winds of April.

  7. This was Hank at his best, ah! those "Gentle Breezes"
    Loved this great to read. Well done.


  8. Beautifully told. And oh, how I can relate – but the sniffles I am suffering from at present belong to an autumn cold, so instead of looking forward to warmer days coming, I must make sure to rug up.

  9. I feel lucky that Spring has arrived where I live ~

  10. Oh this is soo beautifully done, Hank!❤️

  11. Spring sure makes one enjoy being sprung as the white stuff is gone

  12. Well done. Lovely images and the sun's even shining today here too. Thanks for visiting me.

  13. So hard to be cooped up inside and longing for the outdoors. WeekendsInMaine