Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Needing to take a breather every time

                                                                          Attribution: Alina Zienowicz
Image: Daughter Progressing towards Obesity (here)

the given words:
breathing needing seams beneath words crisp
 wooden rocking glass slapping halfway daughter

She had been through this
A recluse for the better part
Doctor's orders kept echoing
in her ears, exercise!..exercise!..

Breathing heavily on long walks
Needing to take a breather every time
Determination seemed lacking
Bursting at the seams
Her girth kept increasing
It was not beneath her
To seek ways and means
For some dieting
But she was still thinking

Words the only consolation
From a concerned husband
She longed for the crisp and slim self
of yesteryears lazing on the
wooden rocking chair
with a glass of cool drink in her hands
But not anymore

There was still the friendly banter
Hubby slapping lightly on the back
Avoiding the nostalgic hugs
(as his hands could only reach halfway
 not wrapping around her like before)

He could only lament
Mindful of an impending problem
For their daughter now fast catching up!

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  1. Kids really do see what their parents do. If their parents sit around and don't exercise, sadly they usually do the same

  2. Exercise is a foreign word to most kids now

    1. To parents too. You know, their 'role models'...

  3. Excercise and walking is a must to help reduce weight,
    Great poem to write a poem and so good to read Hank.

  4. Its important to have and keep an active lifestyle as children generally follow and see us ~ A good lesson here Hank ~


  5. Alas, many think you can eat anything you want without moving... only one way to solve it, keep on movin'

  6. Bjorn nailed it; our youth are melding with their damn phones & tablets & video games; whatever happened to strolling, hiking, & touch football? Great take on the image, with nice link-up for the word prompt.

  7. I was talking about it just earlier today with a friend. Virtual reality has taken over real life. Keep moving and look up.

  8. When I was a kid we rarely stopped moving. I feel bad for the children of today who are "addicted" to video games, phones, etc. and rarely venture outside for fun and activity. It's a really different world.

  9. I like that you picked such a relevant topic in today's world. well done with the poem too.

  10. An important life lesson depicted powerfully..!!

  11. Yeppers. Kids are our mirrors. Some positive reinforcement and example and participation can help a lot. And, some kids at certain ages do develop some glandular/hormone issues. Just keep telling her she's beautiful and take long walks with her and eat lots of veggies and lean protein! Bless her sweet heart.

  12. This is such a difficult issue. Food addiction isn't like alcohol. One can't just stop eating.

  13. Ah.. the last hundred years
    an experiment for sure..
    Radio.. TV.. AC..
    and virtual
    video game
    LIFE Next..
    a screen becomes
    scream.. human no
    longer lives..
    the Terminator
    is here
    man is
    a machine
    of human screen..
    AnyWHO yes..! i'm BACK..!
    Again dam IT..!
    and i aim to
    if a 55 year
    old dude can
    do Arnold so
    CAN THEY..;)

  14. Ah, I like the way you present the narrator with such compassion and understanding - it's not easy to see oneself transformed beyond recognition and then to see your faults reflected in the next generation.