Friday, March 29, 2013


Image: The bride-to-be

A             Heard say there were suitors for my niece’s hand
B             Holding on to conservative values
B             Parents took center stage, decided the dues
A             Daughter happy with choice of the good man

A             The family circle were informed then
B             Everyone lauded the happy news
B             My niece took it within her and just mused
A             Demure and pretty, ever confident

C             Date was fixed and things started to move fast
D             Then more good news, younger sister was wooed
E             Grand double quite certain in the offing
C             Wedding dress, venue,  guests, food, a  grand blast
D             Friends, relatives even the neighborhood
E             Would make it a grand fairy tale wedding

Note: 1. Image of younger sister is unfortunately not available
          2. A traditional wedding here would invariably involve not just the extended
              family but also the neighbors.

Sam at d'Verse is hosting Forms for All, with suggestions of creating a sonnet.
I've adopted the ABBA-ABBA-CDECDE rhyming structure and maintaining the 10-syllable count


  1. Loved the sonnet ... truly a moment of celebration !!!

  2. woo....congratulations, that is awesome and glad she is happy with the choice as she will def have to live with it...weddings are like births, great celebrations of new life...congratulations to her...

  3. What a happy subject to have to write about! And it shows in the writing. Thank you for posting this.

  4. i'm glad that she's happy with the choice.. congrats and wow...sounds like that's going to be a big feast..fairy tale indeed...smiles

  5. So happy that it works out. And what a grand fiest it's set to be.

  6. Both are happy, that's the most important thing ~ A grand wedding, cheers ~

  7. An uplifting poem about a life changing event. A toast to happiness.

  8. That's great it worked indeed as much of life will be as one at their feed, and the neighbors too, I'd surely elope if I had to invite the neighbors haha

  9. What a wonderful occasion, Sam. You sound so happy for both of them! And nice that they could share the joy.......

  10. So happy there was doubled joy. Well done on the sonnet form. :)

  11. Double happiness! What a wonderful reason for a sonnet (which is well done, I may add). I lift up the glass to toast poetry and love!

  12. A double celebration - what joy!

    Anna :o]


  13. Wonderful to look forward to such a celebration..a pretty bride, your sonnet!

  14. What a lovely celebratory sonnet for a wedding

  15. Double wedding.. Am sure it'll be a grand wedding insyaaAllah. Congrats to your nieces and entire family

  16. What a delightful and appropriate subject for your sonnet. I am in awe of the way you handed the rhymes.

  17. loved this piece..
    Double wedding... WOW
    a time in life when everything changes... for good :)