Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dolls Festival Day

                                                                           Author: Attributed to Katorisi
Image: Dolls Displayed at the Girl's Festival
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here) with GFDL permission

Doll Festival Day
March 3 not a day longer
Lest pain of ill-luck

Hina Matsuri
Neatly arranged on platforms
Dolls on red carpets

Power to contain
evil spirits, dolls displayed
of Heian court dressings

Universal by
nature. Dolls are soothingly
joyful and revered 

Note:  Haiku on Girl's Festival or Hina Matsuri the Japanese Doll Festival Day. Celebrated on Mar 03 and not a day longer which otherwise might invoke bad luck

Written for Chev’s CARPE DIEM #135 with prompt - Hina Matsuri.  Shared with d’Verse where Fred is hosting on An Evening of Short Verses, where haiku is accepted


  1. An interesting festival, I like the dresses on those dolls ~

    Nice to see you Hank ~

  2. how interesting...i need to look up the festival....porcelin faced dolls have always scared me a bit...the dresses on these are really beautiful....

  3. Quite a rich poem, Hank!
    ALOHA from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Never knew there was such a gathering over the doll, found many rather creepy at my hall

  5. Beautiful dolls...intricate costumes. Interesting they say "and not a day longer" do these superstitions come about? I enjoyed this, Hank...and learned something new.

  6. Thanks for this information delivered in haiku Hank! Nice work.

  7. Reading these totally makes me want to look up more about the festival! The dolls are beautiful, and so are your haiku, which are lush and rich with detail :)

  8. ...i like festivals... but dolls? --- they do scare me to death... there is something in their eyes that are really chilling... the blackness of the hair & eyes...ah... i can't last a long stare at their faces... not even in a festival where they are 'the stars'... smiles... nice telling haiku...

  9. what an informative set. I like the line "dolls on red carpets" :)

  10. really nice piece on dolls, various meanings and symbols they serve as, both in growing up and learning, as well as in the more cultural aspects they represent. Excellent write Hank. Glad you could join us tonight. Thanks.

  11. nice..they look like little pieces of artwork..wondering if they wear the traditional dresses as well

  12. I'm a bit afraid of dolls. But I'm drawn to feel interest through your poem. :)

  13. The last stanza says it all ... dolls are loved by all !!!

  14. Fun memory. A wonderful festival. If only demons could be contained by dolls, I'd burn them all gladly in a large bon fire. ;-)

  15. More than accepted, I should think, in this case. Splendid work!

  16. I echo Green Speck's sentiments - love that last stanza Hank.

  17. Great last stanza, dolls are loved. So cool!

  18. hina matsuri..
    I love the concept of the festival :)
    Dolls n dolls all around.... though I'm not a fan of dolls but idea is good :)