Thursday, March 7, 2013

City Park

Image: City Park
Source: Courtesy of Chev's CARPE DIEM

A most welcomed sight
Expanse of water nestled
among greenery

Coolness exudes feel
of serenity, wildlife
frolic in the sun

Unlike city folks
within a concrete jungle
and seemingly free

Written for Chev's haiku at CARPE DIEM's  imagination #3 -city park-


  1. Yeah shedding the concrete of the street, can sure lead many to a new beat. #1

  2. smiles....def much different than the city...though i have been in some city parks....the rhythm is def different though....

  3. Beautiful. I'd love to be in such a setting right now. :-)

  4. There is nothing quite like coming to a park in the middle of a city!! Great capture with your words!

  5. Very nice images, I'd love a park like that.

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog, Hank, and commenting on Mother Jones.

    I've lived in a lot of cities, and parks are their oases and the lifeblood of natural spirit. This short poem speaks volumes about their offer of respite within the greater steel-and-concrete framework. BRILL! Peace, Amy, and here's a rowdy one:

  7. Snap! We've both written on parks. Love this one. So cool - cool as the pool.

  8. As someone who loves nature, I can only imagine what seeing visiting a park in the middle of the city must be like for those who live ion thoe cities. Wonderfull done (as always) Hank.