Thursday, March 21, 2013


Looks can be deceiving
You may not have seen me
But my reputation precedes me
You would have heard of me
It’s all attributed to my looks

You probably would have conjured
something different. I’ve been thought
to be very beautiful not that I’m not. But
I’ve been known to be brightly and
loudly colored. Splashes of green, red
and blue are generously part and
parcel of my kind. I’m known to hunt
for my keeps in that unusual way
I hunt not on land nor do I consume
little insects or berries. I go for the
big kill, sometimes bigger than me.
And another thing! I’m not a swimmer
but I can zero in and dive into murky
waters to get what I want
Look at me! You think I’m what I am?

A kingfisher?

Yes, I’m a kingfisher from the Amazons and this
is how I look. Not that colorful but a
Kingfisher no less.

                                                                                   Attribution to Lip Kee Yap
Image: An Amazon Kingfisher 
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Anna at d’Verse’s Meeting the Bar had suggested on writing of a persona of something.
I’ve not seen what Anna had explained but I’ve taken the lead from Brian’s posting.
I wonder if this is correctly assumed.


  1. Like how you got in his mind, first I've seen of his kind, sounds like he has quite to ego too haha

  2. ah he's a beautiful fellow...and i like how you captured him in your verse hank...ha..going for the big kill..bigger than himself...a brave little fellow he is as well...

  3. did well...and what a choice too...kingfishers are cool birds...and you did well coming from his perspective...aww...i think he is cool looking...i like the haircut at least...smiles.

    1. 1) Was pleasantly surprised to be way in front. Thanks a lot Brian! When opened at 3pm it's an unearthly hour over here in our part of the world. Mary did it for me a couple of times before also.
      2) Was at a loss on what to write. Just guessed after reading your posting! Thanks once again!


  4. Didn't see this one coming. Nicely done Hank!!

  5. Going for the big kill in your act of imagination I see. Thanks so much for joining us today.

  6. I never thought of a kingfisher as insecure before, but maybe this one is teenager just wishing he looked like everyone else!

  7. you had me guessing till the end

  8. There is no sight more regal than a kingfisher in full flight. I have watched them many times and they are truly incredible.
    A wonderful piece on a wonderful subject.

  9. Well I am not familiar with this bird, thanks for penning the words ~

  10. He is a beautiful little kingfisher... I love these birds,he is quite dashing really, very regal indeed. Lovely words.

  11. Love birds and what you have done with the prompt. Nice.

  12. Kingly indeed!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  13. Such charming birds. The British variety is stunning, but can be elusive, while the New Zealand cousin is duller, but easier to spot (will even hunt on the ground). This one is different yet again.

  14. Kingfishers look royal ... handsome birds !!!

  15. hello Hank, I think your persona is wonderful and the bird is rather handsome

  16. Ha, believe it or not, a Kingfisher was one of three ideas that I started with. Glad I didn't use it - yours would have been too much competition! Excellent write.

  17. What a clever introduction to this handsome creature - wonderful!

  18. I have always loved birds and he is a favorite..lots of character he has! Nice.

  19. Tis a beautiful bird - thanks for getting inside his mind!

    Anna :o]

  20. Hello,

    I am not familiar with this creature but, you brought him to life through your words..