Wednesday, March 6, 2013


                                                             Photo : Attribution to Didier Descouens
Image: Madagascar Sunset Moths
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

A species nocturnal in nature                    
Fluttering in the cool breeze
Of a right feel delicate in stature
Not groping in the very least

Conversant of life in the dark
Not active but graceful in movements
Skirting tree to tree bark to bark
Sedentary a while at some moments

Idyllic setting none so right
But for predators lurking in wait
May upset the quiet of the night
Caught in a skirmish and left for dead

Slow moving life forms bear the danger
Elements of the animal world's way of attrition
Risks of transfer from one perch to the other
Brutal but bears witness of natural occurrence

Written for 3WW (3WordWednesday) with words - grope,transfer and brutal


  1. Yeah they aren't the most liked creature and can easily be hurt too, thus is the way of the animal kingdom as said by you.

  2. Yes, sometimes it feels as though nothing is safe. the vulnerable and precious can be ripped away in a moment... and yet, it's the way things are, whether in the animal world or ours.

  3. moths are pretty cool....there are some wonderful muted colorations on some and neat camo as well...the ugly cousin of the butterfly...just dont get too close to the light yeah...smiles.

  4. very well put. You make them sound beautiful

  5. This reminds me spring is around the corner here and I'll be seeing moths soon!!

  6. I love butterflies... enjoyed this, Hank.

  7. When you observe nature at work you realize how small even we are...just another tiny cog in the complex mechanism.

  8. Love the witnesses!

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