Monday, March 25, 2013

Haru ta (Spring Paddy Fields)

                                                                             Attributed to Namanegara
Image: Green Paddy Fields
Source:  Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Coolness of weather
Expanse of greenery of
nature undisturbed

By the  late spring a
vigorous growth rate ensures
sturdy stalks stand tall

Staple food to those
In the East supporting large
population growth

Deft use of chopsticks
Cleverly held by fingers
for way of eating

Written for Chev's haiku at CARPE DIEM #153 with prompt Late Spring Paddy and shared with  Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. deft use of chopsticks brings a smile to my face
    what would we do without the paddy fields?

  2. hey i love using chopsticks
    still cant catch a fly with them though.
    def enjoy my rice as well.

  3. I can manage chopsicks... even manage to pick three peanuts in a row once, surprising my Chinese host....

  4. How very refreshing, both in picture and words.

  5. Did you know that over 3 billion people in the world depend on rice to survive?
    I like what you did with the prompt....

  6. So much truth here, Hank, so well written.
    I wish I could use chopsticks "deftly" but I'm much too clumsy.

  7. I have tried using chopsticks a time or no avail :)

  8. my Asian students sure miss their rice... nice write

  9. I can't use chopsticks what so ever at my sea, but fingers work if all else fails haha

  10. Nice write. I am not good with he chopsticks. :)

  11. Wow! Very creative haiku with lovely word visuals ~ enjoy ^_^

  12. A very creative write, filled with images!

  13. Interesting that Rice has become a staple of the west as well....or at least on this side of the pacific and Atlantic.
    China has a one-child policy by law, whilst in the west our obsession with money hedonism means more and more we're having one child far later in life.
    Evolution will weave it's magic eventually no matter what we do.

    Great work Hank, thank you :)

  14. great take on the prompt :) im definitely from a country that depends greatly on rice, our staple food ^^ no meal is ever without it lol

  15. I find ONE chopstick an ideal tool for stuffing small, handmade toys! But rice, with two, is nice! LOL

  16. We (my 4-year old grandson and I) use chopsticks as drumsticks around here. It is a delightful time!

  17. Chopsticks... forget about it. But healthy rice (not instant rice) is a mainstay in our house.

  18. We have the rice paddies here in Texas and a whole lot more over in Louisiana. But we don't use chop sticks. I have tried but didn't master it at all. Our three year old granddaughter can use them fairly well.