Saturday, March 30, 2013

Elvis the King

                                                                         Attribution to MGM Inc
Image: Elvis Promoting Jailhouse Rock
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Twins Jesse Garon Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley
were born on Jan 08 1935 but  the elder Jesse
was still-born. Elvis went on to be ‘The King’
and dominated the world music scene

He had wanted a bicycle or a gun for his birthday
But he got a guitar, a less costly alternative

But what a blessing it was and music was not
the same since

‘That’s All Right’ reportedly meant for his mother’s
birthday topped the charts and opened the way
for others beginning 1953. Inspired by  Bill Hayley’s
Rock Around the Clock which was No.1 on the Charts
in 1954 he never looked back.  What masterly
good fortune that he found  ‘rock and roll’ bursting
onto the scene at the same time as that of his singing.

Blessed with good looks and the African-American
voice of Rhythm and Blues, the music world was at
his bidding. By 1956 he had 8 singles as No.1 on the US
Charts. Among the notable ones were Heartbreak Hotel, Don’t
Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender and All Shook Up

Riding on his popularity,  he got onto the silver screen
with Love Me Tender (1956) Jailhouse Rock (1957) and
Blue Hawaii (1961) More hits on the Charts and more films
followed. His gyrations on stage and young girls swooning
at  Elvis the Pelvis (a handle he abhorred) kept the 60’s and
70’s on high. But ‘on high’ at this time was not just a buzz word
but also a bad word in the entertainment world. The drug scene
initially seen as an exclusive and accepted phenomena later
was viewed with disdain and condemned many talented
artists into oblivion and early death.

Most unfortunately The King was no exception.  Prescribed  by his
physician it meant it was ok to Elvis. It was thought to be so! But
not so.

He was more depressed when his former bodyguards who
had close access to him wrote a tell-all book on his drug habit

Elvis was found comatose on his bed on Aug 16 1977 apparently
following a heart attack brought on by drug abuse for a long period
of time. It was most unfortunate that it happened at a young age of 42

Despite that  he could still top the charts posthumously with
singles JailhouseRock (2002) One Night (2005) and
It’s Now or Never (2005) among others!

Hail the King!

Note: I didn't bring this posting to other means, dimensions or tweak it
as suggested by Mary 'cos one wouldn't unnecessarily mess around with
the King. Actually I didn't manage to do it and kept it factual to be safe

Mary hosting at de’Verse Poetics – Modern Day Mythology want us to write
on a character we admire


  1. sad that the guard he trust betrayed him so. :(

    Cinderella Limerick

  2. ack, my previous comment disappeared. Elvis has that enduring quality...his songs echo forward to new generations. it is sad when those that make such an impact are taken from us early, and in tragic ways like drugs.

    1. Apologies Brian! Great of you to come back again. Thanks a lot! I had some hiccups in posting just now. You had commented on No.23 and the whole posting was inadvertently erased in the confusion that followed.

      P/S Sincerely hope there were none others. I've no way of knowing it, really!

    2. Apologies Pat! As usual both yourgoodself and Brian are the earliest in commenting. I confirmed from my e-mail that you had made comments just like Brian above in the posting that was deleted. Sorry this happened!


  3. Yes, don't mess with the King...well done, Hank!

  4. You told the King's life as it was. I always admired the King, had an opportunity to visit Graceland. It definitely was a 'shrine' to what was. So sad that it ended so early though. As you mentioned, so many good artists die young. Fame isn't always kind.

  5. elvis made a remarkable career, cool facts in this, didn't know he had a twin and then when he got his guitar instead of a gun, thank goodness... so sad that he died so young

  6. Interesting facts.. And I never realized he what that young. Today there are way to many artists that peak at that age.

  7. ...very informative & directing Hank... i have gained a higher level of facts about the King... now i wanna know more 'bout his death & late life before and that i rather secure for myself... thanks for this... smiles...and happy easter...

  8. people like Elvis inspire us in so many ways..

  9. Oh, I did enjoy this one as Elvis was the king of rock n' roll..and his music still inspires..

  10. Whether or not he was the best is a matter of opinion, debate and taste (or lack thereof). That he was almost the first can never be taken away from him.

  11. Quite a tribute, whether poem or not.
    And yes, a star that disappeared from the firmament too soon.
    Still lives on in our thoughts though.

  12. You captured him exactly. Took me back to those old songs......."I'm All Shook Up!" Good one, Hank.

  13. I remember those years as if I had been there.
    Oh, I was there. Not in the American south, but in the Canadian west, and I remember all of Elvis's songs, some of them word for word because they were played on the radio so often, and we didn't have television yet.

  14. Wonderful tribute, I'd say, K!! I have been a strong fan of Elvis's songs...RIP ...