Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No. #1

No. #1!
Everybody take notice
Been lots of fun!
A slight hiccup but nothing’s amiss
I’m staking my claim
for my numero uno
I’ve been away lately
but not any more

Now I’ve got it back!
It’s sweet seeing all others
Vying for the same
It’s all in the game
One has to go for it
Fun of winning
Is not an easy thing
It may be a little pain
But there are lots of gain
One must have the passion
With all the gumption
Of a champion

No. #1! No.# 1!
It sure is fun!
I’m back!
Don’t forget that!

Gleefully these are perhaps
what ran through his mind
Words befitting  of a sports icon
Tiger Woods has returned
to the top of world ranking
Tiger replaces Rory Mc Illroy
As World No.1 when he won
The Arnold Palmer Invitational
Over the week-end!

Note: It is usual and expected that Tiger is at the World's No.#1 ranking. He was there before!
(I hope this can meet Mary's prompt 'usual and unusual' at Poetry Jam)

                                                               Attribution to Molly A Burgess
Image: Tiger teeing off at the Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, Maryland
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Written for Kim's hosting at Poets United with prompt Verse First 'passion' and Mary's hosting at Poetry Jam with prompt 'usual and unusual'


  1. #1, what fun, as I like giving that a run. Back on top he is, the man who sure knows about the golf biz

  2. Would be fun to know what does run through his mind as he wins!

  3. That would be a very stressful position to be in... IMHO.

  4. I enjoyed your poem. Yes, Tiger is #1 again. A few years ago I would thought it unlikely. He seems to have gotten his groove back bigtime. Glad to see you in Poetry Jam, Hank!

  5. I enjoy watching him on the golf course, I knew at some point he would come roaring back. Have you heard the controversy over the new Nike ad? 'Winning takes care of everything!'

  6. in sports its not easy to get #1 much less stay there for any amount of time...good for him, especially considering all he went through (brought on by himself) the last few years....

  7. Golf apparently not being his only passion, hee hee. Still it is good to see him have a comeback.

  8. And I am so glad he is back there. Hope he keeps the other inclinations in check from here on out. Oh, how the mighty fall until they learn their lessons!

  9. Yes, sports comebacks aren't easy! Good for him :D

  10. Trying to regain top spot would probably be more stressful in many ways than getting there the first time.

  11. Excellent - Tiger is back...Not so good news for is Rory fans...But i love the poem.

  12. And all the usual controversy? Great choice of subject, well developed.

  13. Being # 1 is lots of fun ~ Have a good day Hank ~

  14. Lets hope it is sweeter for him this time...

  15. then as #1 you have to worry about being knocked down
    delightful poem/ really felt that surge of energy as the victor

  16. Hank,

    And there was I thinking that you were going at full speed and the intention to be Number One in the USA Music Chart this weekend Hank!!!.....Well, yes Tiger is back, but for how long...Poor Rory is coping with his youthfulness and toothache; so we believe. Wisdom teeth I suspect:)

    Great passion Hank:)

  17. Sometimes the road back to #1 is a long one :)

    Have a great Easter weekend Hank!

  18. Kept me guessing right until the end. :)

  19. Just think, to all the women who watch golf (including myself), not long ago, Tiger Woods was strictly "number two," if you get my drift. His path toward redemption has been interesting to watch. He has the talent; he deserves the ranking. And he has worked damned hard to reclaim the title.

    I wish Woods would not mope about when he's not on top. He acted like a petulant child when he wasn't being adored, and that's not classy... Thanks, Hank, found you at Poetry Jam! Amy

  20. it is not easy winning at what one is doing. But then, passion goes with success, to be at the top, NO.1, else, perhaps it remains a hobby!....