Monday, March 4, 2013

Unlimited Wants

By way of wants
The yearnings of yonder
That's not how it had all begun
The wonder of wonders

Unlimited wants
Unlimited yearnings
Care for a show?

Scarcity all whims
Creating demands unsurpassed
Grinds the wheel moving
Feed them in the past

Adam Smith leads the way
Born of  the Wealth of Nations
Held spell-bound, held sway
Right on with the actions

Principles and theories
Come into play in absolute terms
Not creating worries
But providing answers and solutions

Economics had been fun
Satisfying unlimited wants!

Written for Sandy's One Single Impression with prompt #262 - unlimited- and


  1. Wow, unlimited wants being satisfied...that would be fun~

  2. Always seems to be another thing, at each wing, to be content would be grand, sadly many can't do it at their land.

  3. i enjoyed this the thought of having the time to satify unlimited wants is appealing all in its self =)

  4. ha we just studied adam smith in history class....capitalism...unlimited wants...and here we are know.....

  5. I'm with Brian. If Adam Smith had not existed, some profiteer would have invented him . . .

  6. Good one, Hank. I doubt people's wants will ever be satisfied. There are always more things to desire......sigh.

  7. Love it when your poetry veers towards philosophy. Maybe the world needs more of that.

  8. It would be kind of sad it there were ever no more wants. Wants are what keep us going!

  9. Despite my dislike of economics, I enjoyed your poem. I can't even imagine satisfying unlimited wants.

  10. I had to laugh at Susan's comment, Hank! I can't imagine studying economics, but I wish more people had an understanding of it.
    It's nice to be back in the Imaginary Garden again.

  11. Adam Smith was my hero in my first college course in economics. After a bit, later, I obtaining my B.S. in Economics. You did a nice recap of the consumer's position in the market place.