Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Icon in the Making

                                                                             Attributed to Neelix
Image: A male winner
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

There she was, lithe and supple gracefully

She walked past ignoring all the quiet whispers
Not really aware and not really bothered of the
impending outcome. She held her own, an iconic
being bent on doing her own thing. She felt edgy
but that was only natural. She had gone through this
far and there was no turning back. Her mother’s words
rang true. Go for it baby! Remember the tigress had
woken from her lair, she reminded her. She walked
slowly gingerly taking soft steps aware of the threats
all around her. It had been a few seasons where the
weaker sex was blithely proven to be weak. Mindful
of the burden of choice she was carrying  she proceeded.
There had not been a lady winner these
last few seasons and she stood to stake her claim.
This was to be a psyche game. Who was there to say
of how she was going to fare. One must have a golden voice.
That was all she knew.

She walked on to the stage, the lights were blinding. The
crowd roared and there were lots of clapping. She was
faintly aware of the judges.

She was ready with her number. She had nothing to lose
That was how it felt, she thought. 

The few seconds before they took to the mike
at the America Idol! 

Written for 3WW with words lithe, iconic and edgy and shared with d'Verse OpenLinkNight week#88


  1. ha. you know that has to be be so close to your shot and know that if it goes well it could be you ...i have not watched idol in a while...i wonder at manipulation a bit in the is great to see people get their shot though...and there have been some good acts that came out of it...

  2. You just never know what will happen as you put on a show, even if I hate reality tv, it is good for the spotlight to get on many so they can sing free

  3. I've only watched American Idol once, but I did watch the Lifetime movie about the life of Fantasia, who was one of the winners. Yes, I'm a middle aged woman. I guess Lifetime is trying to get all edgy now, but I wouldn't know. I haven't watched it in a long time! These days I'm into reruns of Dr. Who.
    Cool poem, BTW!

  4. I haven't seen it for a while. It is nice to think someone is getting a chance to follow their dreams.

  5. I don't like reality shows... but, it does wonders for common people..
    they get a chance, an opportunity which is all they need :)

  6. That's definitely how you feel performing well done.this was my take on performing

  7. You held me spell bound as I continued to read this was well done.

  8. You certainly got into her head, Hank, and your description is very well done. I wouldn't want to be in her position, but I'm sure young people think it would be wonderful.

  9. Well, that was interesting..I am sure taking the stage can be overwhelming.

  10. you brought me back to the last year american idol finale!... :-(

    nicely penned Pareng Hank


  11. Hank, I don't follow Idol, partly because it brings back bad memories of auditions, etc. But I do understand that girl's determination: For me, it was being an Anglo singer struggling to be recognized by Black audiences, or in Puerto Rico, learning enough Spanish that I won over the grannies! When you are in the zone, KABLAM! This piece rocks that whole concept, and the "underdog female" aspect only brings it closer to my heart. Peace, Amy

  12. Very wonderful insights, your words draw me right along into that preparation to launch. Thanks for posting it in Women's history month.