Saturday, March 9, 2013

At a Loss!

                                                                            Author: Attribution to JLPC
Image: Crossroads, Charente, France
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

He is still at a loss
He thought he had it made
It all seemed too easy
None as to be that complicated
She had said ‘yes’
He had known her that long

Now this!
Why did she change her mind?

Standing at the crossroads
This is a challenge
He has learnt that much
about her to know her
He has to bid his time
He has to give her time
It is only fair
She had gone through so much herself
He had not been that easy a guy
to be with
It was easy before
But not now

He’ll be fair
He’ll give in this time
Afterall Mom knows best!

Written for Carry on Tuesday #196 with prompt – standing at the crossroads


  1. haha well I suppose they do, but I'll never admit it at my zoo. #1

  2. haha...what a cool turn in the good hank...and it's true..she knows best..smiles

  3. It's a masterstroke as a response to the prompt -- and a fine poem to boot. Excellent all round, in fact.

  4. Delightful! Thanks so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday.

  5. ah so many ways to go at that crossroads...there are def times we have to give in as well...and listening to mom might not be a bad thing at all..

  6. Wow ... I loved it ... the last line provided such an unexpected twist ... awesome !!!

  7. Great surprise ending! Will have to share this with my kids!

  8. Clever ending, and so often it is true! Some things are not to be forced, but must be allowed to unfold.

  9. yes, the twist was perfect...naturally I thought it was his girl and you are right Moms usually do know what's best.