Thursday, February 28, 2013

Regal Bearing

                                                                                     Artist: Richard Ansdell
Image: An Ewe, Lambs and Heron Beside a Loch
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Standing tall majestically well-bred
Mother’s call stamped authoritatively
Within proximity a protector

Where a  heron is considered a threat
Sauntering a regal pose glaringly
undaunted, unflinching all to savor

Fluffed coat of noble breeding suavely decked
Furtively fragrant and impeccably
placed blessings rightly procured to endure

Ewe, vibrant unwilling to segregate
Gregarious thriving nature of fairly
accepted  friendship, a sober gesture

Young lambs of safely groomed family trait
An outlandish future cautiously made

Note: An ABC ABC ABC ABC and AA structure. Kept to the 10 syllables on each line

Written for Sam's hosting of Forms for All at d'Verse - a Trireme sonnet


  1. a future cautiously made for sure...seriously hank, this rocks...great job with the form...and you used big words...ha...they scare me with form at times...not a word misplaced in this one...

  2. Not just a trireme sonnet - and you carried that structural exercise to a perfect conclusion - but also an ekphrastic poem, one that pays perfect homage to the artwork that it draws its inspiration from. Excellent job!

  3. Just perfect as said above. Nothing more to add.

  4. You have really created a fine sonnnet here, Hank & have interpretted the meaning of the picture beautifully!

  5. You aced the form of course that is the norm, and friendship is grand as one traverses the land

  6. I specially like the ending couplet ~ Nice work on the challenging form ~ Cheers ~

  7. An elegant sonnet, beautifully developed.

  8. A fine trireme sonnet to interpret your chosen artwork. Nice to see the use of near-rhyme too :-)

  9. Lovedt he rhyming pattern ... well conceived poetic tale !!!

  10. Now this is just beautiful... I agree with Tigerbrite! Absolutely regal :)

  11. ...second line in your second tercet exceeded by 1 count... you may:

    (1) omit 'e' in sauntering & have it replaced by an apostrophe ---
    " Saunt'ring in a regal pose glaringly";

    (2) omit 'in' ---
    " Sauntering a regal pose glaringly"; or

    (3) omit 'a' ---
    " Sauntering in regal pose glaringly"

    (4)...ignore me and smiles...hihi...

    ...i enjoyed this a lot...and you focus on the subject & with the three primary elements present in the painting really shows here...smiles...

    1. Thanks buddy! I've omitted 'in' How come I've had 11 fingers when I counted! Jeez!


  12. loved the way u concluded..
    outlandish future cautiously made

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