Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dry Humor

                                                                             Artist Karlis Padegs
Image: Red Laughter
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

A fabric of like feelings
Feigning a laughter of sorts
Illicit in its nature
Patterned by a show of pranks
Precursor of base humor
Ravenous in its desire
to cause glee but lacking witticism
Reckless stimulant  to stricken pride
Exhausted in its bid
to stoop so low
to torment
those not led to
enjoy some chuckles
the straight faced
the serious
those unworthy
of vibrant nature
to just trudge along
with no sparkle in life


  1. Yeah you may not see, but it is there for some. Others only as a retort, the spark gone at their court. #1 what fun.

  2. what a very sad life to trudge along with no sparkle...we def need the joy in our lives...of course some dry humor can be rather funny as well...

  3. Joy is an essential ingredient in life isn't it? Great writing Hank.

  4. We need joy to be happy ... only then we can lead life in peace !!!

  5. Life doesn't always seem to have that sparkle for sure--but at least we need to believe it is always somewhere nearby! I like the picture you chose to put with your poem too.

  6. Great feel and flow painted a great picture and had a sparkle

  7. I think we all somehow need to find a way to find sparkle and some chuckles. I agree it isn't always easy though.

  8. One absolutely requires sparkle. Without it, what is the point. It is an illogical approach. Enjoyed this, Hank.

  9. I suspect you do sparkle, Hank! I hope I've maintained my sparkle .. my nickname in grammar school was Sparkle-toes!!!

  10. scary pic..
    Joy is the basic need, though many of doesn't know it yet :P

  11. To Sparkly Cheeky Hank

    Humour is the life buoy that will help you reach the shore and enable you to get through life .What you are describing is not intelligent humour more like unleashed insults.

  12. A perfect pair, pic and poem. I love it, Dave.

  13. Replies
    1. No problem at all Ma'am! It's because Dave and I share a similar template. Btw, I scoured around for sometime for the pic. I think it's a good pic, too! Thanks!


  14. Aye, and it's the illogical that is richest in humour. Great piece.


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  16. Hank, logic can definitely pull the sparkle out of things (at least it does to me) Give me spontaneity! :-)