Saturday, February 23, 2013


                                                                   Attribution to Kelvin S.M
Image: Empty Dinner
Permission: Thanks for allowing the use of your art, Kelvin!

To the kitchen he headed
But it broke his little heart
He spied a visual he dreaded
He reacted with starts

How could he disclose
A shoddy round
Sure for now it was not his boast
His room-mate had gone

Juxtaposed on the table
Plates on the ready he assumed
But alas, none of the edibles
He had brought home to consume

He lost, it was one down
A fatal mistake he quipped
Should have tucked in
earlier he frowned
His buddy rifled the goodies
when he fell asleep

Written for Kelvin's hosting at d'Verse Poetics: Dominant Impressions in Artistic Description


  1. have to be careful with some room turn around and the food is know..happens to me with my daughters...not with food but with my clothes..ha..smiles

  2. ...aha... now that's entertainment Hank... i would i look at it in different ways... one i could picture a room mate too like claudia benefiting from all the edibles you prepared... the other one gives me a thought on your room mate not in human form but rather a cat or dog who feasted well while you're asleep... ha, either ways... i was entertained & oh... so very glad you picked this particular artwork... my pleasure to see one of my art here hanging in your page with well cooked words... enjoyed it... smiles...

  3. This is really great stuff. Just the thing to get the poetic juices running on a Sunday morning!

  4. ha....yeah you have to watch it...esp when you are first out on your becomes a hot commodity and there is always an excuse why it disappeared...haha...

  5. Goodness, food sure disappears very fast...In my home, this happens everyday ~ Good one Hank ~

  6. Oh my, this made me laugh, Hank; but if I were really hungry and my food had disappeared, it would be no laughing matter. Smiles!

  7. Yeah food sure takes flight in the middle of night, hate roomates though, never again at my show.

  8. very nice narrative kelvin's art inspired in you. Nicely done Hank. Thanks

  9. Reminds me of a time when my Dad had set a slice of beef aside for his supper. When he came to eat it, there was an empty plate, two muddy paw-prints and a very happy black labrador :-)