Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Raintree

                                                                                       Picture by Tau'olunga
Image: A Raintree at The Post Office of Nuku'alofa
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Process note:  There was a row of tall raintrees in my old neighborhood which
must have been about 80 years by now.  They were already there for as long as I could
remember and still standing though some made way for development. The pic above
is similar to those that we had.

Casting a net on the outset
Barely on the outskirts of imagination
Amidst a pall of outward intrusion
A smokescreen of shadowy apparition

Pungent in a quaint whiff of cool breeze
Purporting of quiet movements
In intermittent bright and dark shadows
The swarthy old raintree extending
a canopy over the neighborhood

Unabated it stood tall and menacing
In sudden bright sunshine or drab stupor
Smirking in light smog and drowsiness
A shrewd measure of strength

Written for Karin's hosting at D'Verse of Poetics of Groundhog Day - Bright Shadow


  1. The tree looks a bit menacing, but also VERY strong, Hank. As I think about it, perhaps it is not unusual that the two qualities go hand in hand. Loved how you described the canopy over the neighborhood.

  2. that is a tree....i think i might have got hurt trying to climb to the top...ha...that is huge...menacing is a great word for it...

  3. Wow that is sure a tree to see. No on would want to mess with such a giant.

  4. i can see the shadows and light in the tree;)


  5. Such a super lovely poem, Hank. I am honored that you included it. It just has such a lovely feel of place and time. k.

  6. was a huge tree... i had never such a huge tree live in my life...i would like to climb on it and see the world up there... funny how i once dreamt of living in a tree house with my ever desired pet Koalas & pandas... that would be nice & super cool if it happens for real...but who knows...anything could happen...hehe... trees are like brave knights of war...always noble.. always standing , fighting 'til the very last of wars... smiles...

  7. Love your final line

    Sending Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  8. I love trees... they are a measure of strength... and stability.

  9. What a grand tree! I enjoyed the poem very much..

  10. What a tragedy that they murdered its magnificent brothers.
    The destruction caused by development and greed is unforgiveable!

  11. A wonderful tree...tree's do have that menacing quality sometimes, there's so much personality to them. I really loved you homage to the trees.

  12. I had never heard of a raintree so I looked them up. They look delightful.

  13. what a wonderful tree..looks so majestic and i can imagine how wonderful it must be to sit in its shade on a hot day..

  14. Superb - and I'd never even heard of a rain tree. A delightful post.

  15. I really enjoyed that. A fine mix of feelings for those trees.
    Here's a pic of a tree in my backyard that also inspired a poem.
    Again, thanx for this.

  16. What a big and beautiful tree ~ Enjoyed this Hank ~

  17. Thank you hank for the picture of that huge tree, but mostly for your beautiful words to describe it.

  18. In would love to see one of these trees in person someday. Beautiful writing as always Hank.

  19. I too have never heard of a 'raintree' -- even the name stirs the imagination.

    Love the play of shadows and strength.

  20. raintree? new to me... cool info... love the way you did this Pare!

    Pareng JJ

  21. i love "a smoke screen of shadowy apparition"

    hades gate

  22. always feel sad when trees are cut down to make way for 'development'..
    loved the words, the photo too
    the raintree reminds me of the banyan tree in India..

  23. trees rock. i love the character you bring to your tree poem