Monday, February 4, 2013

A Library

                                                                               Picture by Robin Gosnall
Image: Central Library, Manchester
Courtesy of Tess' Mag

You look spiky for the whole world to see
Mayhem of construction works manifold
Mandated from 2010 till two-zero-one-three
Man had decided that you remained closed

Considering you had been around since 1934
Old age demands to restore moments of splendor
There are enough reasons to thwart the specter
The indignity of refurbishment you are to undergo

Thus once again to the masses of Manchester
To emerge vibrant and to rally unflinching enthusiasm
Of a service and facility sturdy without stutter
The City Fathers had taken the momentous decision

Fervent in educating the enthusiastic youngsters 
Sober adults, golden oldies, with hopes of sincerity
In all those good old fashioned reading ventures
Modernized facilities to maintain its 'structural integrity'


  1. Don't make them like that anymore, but yeah cost and so called structural integrity play a part in it's running.

  2. news, info and history in one... kind of cool take on the prompt... like it!

    Pareng JJ

  3. Beautiful ... they are important structures of this man made world !!!

  4. Golden oldies and the indignity of refurbishment ... made me chuckle! For I am one of those! Beyond refurbishing.

  5. i am glad to see the libraries changing and adapting to modernity...there was the fear not too long back they would be closing

  6. I really love how you tied all of this together. It's a shame they had to close it in order to do all the construction.

  7. Spiky how you included some history here, Hank...

  8. Thank goodness they will be spiky and here forever more! Well, most of the buildings will! Nice work!

  9. A good expression of what is going on.

    I don't know why they had to close. Liverpool's central library did for ages as well. Hopefully, when re-opened it will still provide the best of the old facilities as well as the new.

  10. Nice tribute to a splended building that will open up with new life.

  11. good old library-soon to be even better!

  12. A beautiful capturing of the photo....especially love the last two stanzas!! :-)