Sunday, April 1, 2018

Faith in the goodness of succulent blessings of tropical fruits - a Haibun - C

                                                                                   Attribution: Prof Ahmad 
Image: Prof Ahmad's Harvest from
One Tree of his Home-grown Papaya

The Prose
Hank is most privileged to have collected three 2-feet high
seedlings of young papaya trees to be planted at the backyard
- courtesy of a good friend, Prof Ahmad

Prof Ahmad's horticultural wizardry as seen above is further
enhanced with his generosity of giving away the pride of his
labour, gratis, (both the fruits or the seedlings) to friends and
neighbors alike.

Faith in the goodness of succulent blessings of tropical fruits
would undoubtedly be the privilege of those with green
fingers. Though such ability could be a God-given gift it
would be worth a try.

By the end of the year, can Hank look forward
to lots of Vitamin C rich fruits at the kitchen table?

Victory is ours
You can if you say you can!

The Haiku
gems outshone others
beauty of tender care to
a higher level

Note: Prof Ahmad is still making
waves in retirement

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  1. He’s an alumni of Lincoln University near Christchurch NZ. All the best to your efforts of raising the papaya seedlings, Hank.

  2. Good luck with the seedlings. Sounds like a horticultural adventure.

  3. What a lovely gift from Prof Ahmad. I wish you the greenest of fingers and hope your seedlings produce sweet and juicy papayas, Hank!

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  5. Putting faith in the papaya! Yes, you can do it and what a delicious reward it will be.

  6. What a great gift! Love avacados! Keep the faith going!!

  7. Nice! i like your post, thanks for sharing it....
    rainbow mountain

  8. That is wonderful that he gives others plants and fruits. A kind of Johnny Appleseed of Papaya.

  9. What a great gift... in my garden i could hope for apples maybe...

  10. Oh, so lovely to have papayas in one's back yard!

  11. Nice large papaya, Hank. It was nice to be able to plant your own. And to have an expert handy for advice. Nice post, pretty picture.

  12. Is this for real or imaginary? Gaining are supposed to be written I first person about a real event in your life. If it is true, I would suggest writing it in first person next time. And I would love to have a mango tree.

    1. This is for real Toni, Ma'am. Roger the next time.


  13. Sure bet lots of vitamin c will come due for you

  14. It's wonderful to have friends who are willing to share their green thumb with you. LOL, sadly I don't have much of one.

  15. Hi Hank.. LonG timE
    sTill reMeMBeRinG NoW
    iS A Plant
    aLWays GarDeNinG
    WaTeRinG FeeDinG As LoVE..:)